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  1. Im doing only autos right now cause imma newbie and what week should i put nutes in, how long should i wait?

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  2. What kinda soil? How big are the pots? What kinda light you got? What kind of nutrients do you have?
    Oh! Also, what kind of autos?

    ...knew I was forgetting something...
  3. Every where that i have read says not to give nutes till 2-3 weeks. And then start very low. Never go above 1/4 of the recommended dose.

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    ok im growing autos atm, using plant magic soil, plant magic old timers organic nutes and bhudda tree booster
    1st 3 weeks feed nothing, then I started at recommended lowest dose and increased as they grow.
    im now on day 52 from seed, feeding full strength for last 2 weeks with a booster at 1/2 strength
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    as you can see for autos they pretty big
    if you goto auto help page by loki, most of us using old timers :)
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