Nutelock or Shock?

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  1. So these are my little ones.. They were doing fine but i transplanted them at only a day old and i feed them 1/4th tsp/gl dark energyAnd 1/4th tsp/gl super nova. I read on the dark energy paper that its Good from seeds to harvest so i thought it would help.. Well the problem is its been 36 hours and they haven't moved at all! No leaf growth or anything I'm running a micro PC grow with two 26w 6500k cfls and one 23w 2700k. Maybe not enough light for three plants? I'm cutting down to two soon as i go into flouring.. My one and only's-First-Pc-Grow (Not Complete)

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  2. Wayyyyyy too young for nutes, this is why you do your research first man
  3. And yes that is not enough light for 3 plants its really not even enough for one to be honest with you
  4. Thanks bro.. The brochure that came with the dark energy Said it could be used as a seedling do I'll just restart with more seeds. Should i still flush the soil even if i rip out the nute locked seedling? its a micro grow in a pc so i thought it would be ok ill just have one plant and see how it goes.. I'm going to be putting another 26w 6k bulb in thier.. Which one do you think stunted them?My one and only's-First-Pc-Grow (Not Complete)

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