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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by UKTokingGrower, May 22, 2013.

  1. Im making firecrackers, i dont like peanut butter nor do i have it at hand, will nutella work as effectivly? Thanks :)
  2. I haven't tried it but many people have said it works just as well.
  3. It bas the same amount of fat as peanut butter and plenty of people have said it does so id say yeah. On the other hand, why firecrackers? Those things are terrible. Make yourself some real edibles or a tincture.
  4. Yeah im waiting for my plants to finish so i can use trim and kief to make butter, but inthe meantime im going for firecrackers, i know nasty!
  5. You can make descent dragon with an 8th an some 190 proof. Id choose that over most edibles any day and its easier to make.
  6. I havnt heared of a dragon edable, what is it ?
  7. Its a liquid so you dont really eat it but you can put it on food. Jojo has a link in his sig at the top of this thread, use that recipe of you do it.
  8. Nutella works and tastes better than peanut butter....nothing wrong with firecrackers if you're in a hurry.
  9. Nutella is vastly superior to peanut butter for several reasons.
    1) the taste is much better
    2) the smell isn't so strange, peanut butter firecrackers smell kind of off, nutella does a much better job of smelling like an actual dessert.
    3) stealth. Nutella is so dark that the pieces of weed are not visible, it looks more like a cookie and would hold up much better as a valid food item if you were caught with it.
    I've experimented with Nutella and it works for me about as well as PB, but tastes much much better.
  11. idk what these guys are on but back when i was a noob and tried firecrackers, burnt nutella tasted 2x worst than burnt PB. i feel like gagging even thinking about how either used to taste.
  12. Haha thanks for your input, ive used nutella and they have been sitting now for 3 days and holy shit they smell, and not in a nice way! Deffinetly going to need a glass of milk to eat these
  13. i tried the sitting method without toasting for a week once since i figured the nutella might be better uncooked. didnt work for me. i just make butter and gd now. put a cube of butter in anything and good to go
  14. I baked it for half hour in the oven but ive let it sit aswell

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