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Nutella Firecrackers Advice

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by AJ4217, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hello GC,

    My friend whom i thought was anti-weed let me know the other day he didnt like the smoking form, but wanted to try weed through edibles.
    I need a speedy recipe and decided to make firecrackers. Neither of us like Peanut Butter, so i am planning on using Nutella!

    I have a few grams of bomb ass weed, but can also get my hand easily on 2g of high mids of weed, as well as high mids of dank, which could be a total of 4g potentially. So at my disposition i have
    - 3-4g of DANK hash (which im not comfortable with using as edibles, the shits straight from Nepal)
    - 2g High Mids herb
    - 2g High Mids/ good hash.

    My friend has zero tolerance as its his first weed experience, and i have a certain tolerance but im not looking to get shitfaced, its also my first experience with edibles, i smoke a few joints per weekend and load hash bongs (to give you an idea of my tolerance).

    So i hope thats all the info you need to send me down the right track,
    now my questions,

    How much do you recommend i put per dose?
    How should i decarb without making the house smell, at all.
    How do i ensure that the fats in the Nutella sufficiently absorb the weed,
    and .... Do these taste like ass? I'd like these to be yummy.

    Thanks for all and ANY advice, really appreciate it!

  2. For your friend i would recommend a 0.3-0.5 firecracker of good mids herb, better to start a little low then end up being to high and have a panic attack.

    For yourself i would go with 2 x 0.5 of mids bud of hash, your choice. In theory the hash should provide better effects

    Decarbing with no smell will be next to impossible when using an oven. You could do it using a microwave but not every microwave has the same settings so i'm not sure for how long/wich setting would be optimal. I would recommend that you look for a friend that doesn't mind that you stink up the kitchen, maybe in exchange for a firecracker? Otherwise, just use the hash. Some kinds of hash already are decarbed, but i'm not sure. Decarbing hash should stink up the house a little less than the bud either way.

    To ensure you have enough fat, just add a little olive/sunflower/coconut-oil or even butter for a little better extraction

    Imo they don't taste like ass when made with nutella, i can even say i like the taste if the weed has been ground finely enough, it gives it a nice texture and goes well with some milk to wash it down

    good luck

  3. cheers i really appreciate the advice.
    so if i were to use butter should i mix the melted better with the nutella, and add the powdered hash or grinded herb in?

    also, is decarbing essential? i dont quite understand what it does...

    again, thank you.
  4. Decarbing isn't essential, but it will make your firecrackers FAR more potent. Basically it allows the active ingredients in cannabis to be more accessible. To decarb your weed simply;

    Place the weed in a twisted ball of tinfoil (so it's totally sealed), and place in the oven at 200 for 20 minutes.

    Also, butter works but Coconut Oil is a much better option, that's if you're willing to go this far just for firecrackers. People say it's easily more potent than just using butter, plus it's a solid at room temp (same consistency as butter).

    Hit me up if you have any other questions. I think it's worth the extra trouble. :smoke:
  5. How did it go?

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