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  1. Hi guys.Im havin a problem i think with a slight overfeeding.I attached a link to the other thread of pics i have up in the sick section.i thought the prob was a P deficiency but am starting to think its actually an overfeeding just trying to dial in the nutes.

    A couple questions:
    If overfeeding does the lower fan leaves/branches take the burn first usually?
    I remember reading that if theres to many nutes or saltbuildup in the medium that the lower fan leaves will act like a trashcan and take all the abuse until the leave is finally toast then it will move up.

    Im also using GREAT WHITE and was wondering if this product somewhat enables you to use LESS nutrients bc of the bacteria community using the nutrients so effectivily.

    The lineup is Technaflora lineup which seems to be hot as hell in terms of the A and B parts.

    Ive been pretty much feeding with every watering jut not what the chart tells me.the chart says 3 tsp per gal for the boost/bloom but i do about 1tsp per gal of bloom and even less of the boost.I think i might have to take it down a lil.
  2. I do not think the damage looks like nutrient burn.

    In my opinion what you have is a pH issue in combination with a dry period that resulted in the precipitation of phosphorus and calcium.

    Concentrate on dialing your pH with your next few feedings, do a slurry test to determine if this is the issue. Don't allow the media to dry out anymore, consistent feedings during flowering is ideal, I like to do a once per day feeding. Always remove your runoff.

    Your taller plants may be taller because they require less nutrition to achieve a greater size. The smaller, sickly, plants are likely underfed as a result of the precipitation. This doesn't mean you need to give them more food when you feed them, just feed them more consistently.

  3. All the water i water them with is alway ph'd to 5.5-5.9(I have a digital tester)

    I just dont understand why the taller plants would look like a nice light green with very few "burn" spots on the lower fan leaves and the 3 shorter ladies are DARK green with moderate "burn"
    throughout the bottom/middle.

    And i also DO water everyday! I def dont let them dry out to much at the time i water them when the lights come on their pots are light by not bone dry.

  4. nute burn will normally affect the new growth depending on how the burn was caused if caused in conjunction with a nute lock out it may affect other areas first
  5. I had problem like that my last 2 cycles I think my problem could be salt build up from feeding full strength soon as I transplant. All the coco with no roots could have built up with salt and by the time the roots grew into that part of the coco I ran Into problems. This cycle Im gonna try to feed a little lighter after transplant and do a feed ,feed, water and see how that goes. I also use extreme gardenings myko's and azo's so maybe using myko's the plants uptakes more nutrients???? Causing nute burn ??? I didn't have any problems before using myko's

  6. Yea i think you hit the nail on the head.After i transplant for flower i also feed pretty much every day and i think the excess nutes/salts just build up in the coco bc the roots arent there to uptake it yet.
    I read in high times that you really dont even need to start adding flowering nutes until you see the actual "flowers" forming(week 2 or so).until then you can still hit em up with what you feed in veg just maybe a little lower amount of nitrogen.

    Ppl also are saying that atleast once a week give the ladies plant water so they can uptake any extra nutes layin around.

    I think my issue is def a salt build up from overfeeding
  7. do not feed with plain water. thats a NO NO in COCO, until the pre-harvest flush of course

  8. why is that bc the plant pretty much uptakes the nutes from the water right away and if you water with plain water theres not nutes for it to uptake?

    i mean i dont see watering for 1 day with plain water out of a week or so of watering would do any harm.:confused:
  9. Yeah I know flushing during the grow with plain water will cause problems but watering with plain water every once in a while is not a bad thing.
  10. Just get enough runoff and this won't be an issue. Coco rinses very easily and I find that typically when I have a build up issue that it could have been resolved by getting a greater amount of runoff.

    What I suggest all coco growers do is alternate full strength and half strength feedings. I will mix up a full strength mixture, let's say 1.6EC, and use about 2/3rds of what I mixed up on Monday. On Tuesday I will take the solution that remains and add back in clean water to drop the strength down to about 0.75ec. Then I'll add in a touch of Magnesium, just a touch, and pH the solution for a final of about 0.8ec.

    I will then use every drop of this solution, getting a little extra runoff only helps.

    So, instead of feeding them so strong that you HAVE to give them a day off I find that alternating the strength of feedings helps keep the buildup to a minimum while maintaining a consistent healthy amount of food, in the proper ratios, for the entirety of the grow.
  11. I was told u have 3 hr to apply great white or other prod similar if not they should be airaided immediately an adjust ph before rootsexcell an great wh is this accurate scmc
  12. I heard that if you use r/o water or close to it, just use a little of cal-mag to boost up ppm. Because the coco holds a lot of the nute build inside and releases( nutrient bank ). Pluse if you use BB's you only have to use 30% nutrient strengh.....

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