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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 13ronin, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Posted this in the absolute beginners. Maybe that wasn't the BEST place for it...

    Ok all. Looking at nutrients on the web page of a not-so-local hydro store. Now to start off, I'm not going to do a hydro setup. Toying with the idea of a 3 part mix of 2 parts FF happy frog and 1 part coco coir. But this nute stuff is confusing as all hell! Advanced Nutrients has enough stuff to make your head spin, Fox Farms stuff seems simple enough, and Humbolt is somewhere in between.

    Thinking of an LST 4-5 females. Just a personal use crop. But even though sales aren't going to involved, yield is still important. As is quality. SO. What should I do as far as these different companies? And money is a factor.

    Bonus question: Humbolt Roots; is it worth the money?

    BTW. The strain is bagseed that has been dubbed Catfish. It seems like a mostly sativa and is rather forgiving. (I grew them once and knew damn near nothing and it still worked. Had to harvest after only 4 weeks of flower, during which time, I wasn't even around! Made a raft system in a bathtub to keep the bottom of the "pots" I was using touching the water. When I got back, half were moist, the rest were dry as a bone! With no time concerns and what I know now about lighting, these babies should explode!
  2. bumpy bump. Ok. Lucas method is noted and I have heard of it before. And it is affordable. But this is a soil grow not hydro. Would it still be ok? Any Other options?
  3. TBH I'm not sure about the Lucas formula and soil, but I can't see why it wouldn't work. I'd feed a bit lighter for soil if it has nutrients of it's own, but if it's nute-free it should feed about the same. Just watch for signs of nute build-up and you'll be fine.

    My advice would be to just get a simple 2-part like AN's Sensi and use that. If you want to do Lucas you can use either GH or Advanced's 3-part for that.

    Basically anything that works in hydroponics should work fine in soil. There's a few things to watch out for (mainly nutrient build-up), but it's not a completely different animal. Mostly I'd just stress the need for some quality ferts because of that potential.
  4. For soil GH's Flora Nova line is good and affordable. It's a one part with all the macro and micro nutrients. I can also recommend Fox Farms products for soil. I have used both, I haven't used Advanced Nutrients, however. I know they make a good product, just outta my price range.

  5. I was thinking about going with FF, but how is the Flora Nova? The two part combo of the Flora Nova is a good bit more than the FF, but is one measurably better than the other? What do you use now that you have tried several types and why?
  6. Really, the difference is that with Fox Farms you either use 1tsp/gal every watering, or 3tsp/gal every two weeks. When I used Flora Nova, I would use use 1tsp/gal every third watering. The other thing is that Flora Nova is super thick and needs to be shaken or stirred vigorously before usage, while Fox Farms mixes in real well.
    Both are first rate, you really can't go wrong either way.
  7. I've seen trouble with FF and certain nutrient deficiencies. Not everyone has the problem so I'm not sure what causes it.

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