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  1. so ive been using neptunes harvest (2-4-1) and a bat guano tea (7-3-1) and molasses. since i happened to be at my local garden supplier and noticed they had ff, i picked up some big bloom.

    now i guess my question is should i use the fish fert or the guano alongside the big bloom? im still using the molasses.
  2. What stage of growth are they in?
  3. sorry forgot the basics, outdoor grow, bagseed, 4 plants, 10 gal. pots, 70/30 supersoil/compost, 1 plant flowering, 2 plants very close to flower, 1 just started to show its a girl.
  4. You'll probably just want to cut out the Guano altogether for flowering, as they won't be able to handle as much N. A dab can be added to fertilizations during the first few weeks if you like. There are many high-P Guanos that are better for flowering. The Fish should work fine with the BB.
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    Btw the Big Bloom is more of a vitamin & micronutrient additive. Use it to augment the Fish or other ferts. You should try to get a second primary flowering fertilizer to use besides the Fish. P & K are the two main flowering nutrients and you should aim to give the plants similarly strong levels of both.

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