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  1. New grower here, and new member.

    I have some plants that are 24-25 days old, I've got miracle grow and some 20/20/20 water soluble nutrients. I was wondering how often I should water them with it, and how much to put in.

  2. Read the directions on the 20/20/20 fertilizer, you can follow the feeding every time or the feeding once a week (or month depending on the product) measurements.

    Conversely, if you want to maximize the nutrients your plant is getting, you can mix stronger and stronger concentrations of your fertilizer as the weeks go by. But if you do this you will need to do it slowly so as not to burn your plant. The moment you see leaves turning very dark and the outer leaf edges curl under, you need to cut down the concentration.

    Keep in mind that this is a risky practice and over feeding can cause nutrient burn, which in extreme cases can kill your plant.

    Most people recommend against mixing fertilizers (that tare not meant to be mixed by the manufacturer) as this can easily lead to over feeding and nutrient burn. Or in rare/extreme cases the fertilizers can react to each other and produce toxic byproducts.
  3. you have nutes already in your soil. if your plants are healthy,, leave em alone.:D at 1 month your ready to flower anyway. then start flower type nutes. post pics if you can.

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