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  1. So my girls have been growing for about 4weeks now and have showed their sex 4 days ago. would it be safe to hit them up with 1/4th-1/2 strength tiger bloom or should i wait a bit longer. strain is diesel ryder.

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  2. Dont know much about low rider or even auto flower but my Indica XXL auto at 4 weeks from sprout i was giving around 1250 ppms and it gobbled it up. I just now today (5th week from breaking rockwool and not showing sex) may have bumped to high at 1760. I have water being dechlorined in case of an emergancy. Im gonna have to watch it carefully for nute burn i only wanted to bump it to 1400-1500 but got carried away. Hope that helps ya.
  3. What soil are you using? Have you given them any other nutes yet?
  4. autos can be picky about how much nutes to give, i definitely wouldn't base it on what someone did with a non autoflowering plant, probably would be okay with 1/4 dose though now that they've had some time to develop
  5. soil is FFOF. for the first week i let them feed off the soil the second week i feed them 1/4th strength big bloom every other watering. 3rd week they got two doses of 1/2 strength big bloom and 1/4th grow big plus one dose of 1/4th strength calmag+
  6. I'd give them a heavy nute free watering this time then next watering use 1/2 strength. FFOF already has a lot of nutes in it and you added a bunch.
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    Thats some handy info to know,lol. Im doin hydro dwc top feed with an air stone. Im using cfl lighting on sagarmatha auto fem indica xxl. Gen Hydro nutes flora grow, flora bloom and kool bloom. That other posters know more than me, this is my first auto flower and i think i give her to much but we'll see. shes full of surprises at about a foot tall and as wide she is dense. Hey i may have seen little pistols at the nodes when i measured her just before the light kicked off. man i hope so i wanna see her flower so bad. Im ready to grab someones cell phone and take some pics to share, i wouldnt mind some mentoring myself.

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