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  1. Seedlings r jus ready for nutes and not using 100l res jus a spray bottle how should I downsize to get nute ( mgb)/ gal of water
  2. ?? If you are trying to convert measurements just plug it into "Google.?
  3. Yah I fig I was doing that but I was also wondering if I should only use like 1/3 of what it calls for seedlings
  4. I would start with less than 1/4 strength for seedlings. How old exactly are they? I don't feed at all for about 3 weeks after breaking surface.
  5. If they really are just seedlings they aren't ready for nutes.
  6. 3 weeks and a couple days what do u use for a mix according to Google it'd b like less than a teaspoon/gallon that jus didn't sound right
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    Micro grow bloom / gal seedlings to flowering ???????

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