Nute lockout?

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    Hi everyone I believe I’ve had a nute lockout I’m nearly 6 weeks in to flowering and there’s been a stall with no changes in a week, I thought that it may be because they have revegged

    Anyhow I’ve watered till run off (30%) I’ve tested the water and the ph in both plants is 6.0 but the ec stick is flashing like crazy at 1800, I’ve done a thorough flush, Will this help? Also does it put back my harvest date? I’m 6 weeks in nearly

    Update: a bit more run of just tested and it’s now 1700
  2. What medium are ya growing in?
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  3. Plagron grow mix
  4. were they showing signs of burn before? or did you go from none to strong dose in one watering? also 30% run off is not flushing. 3x the medium is flushing. pics?
  5. Oh lol my medium is 18L I’m only going to flush at the end in that case

    Yes they are showing signs of nute burn the yellow tips and whatever this is on the leaf

    I introduced them slowly, 3x a week, I’m going to stop being so nute happy hereforth lol

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  6. My friend would you happen to know what I should ph at? My nutes do say 6.2 I’ve been phing my water at 6.5 and run off is 6.0... I’ve got a few plants Just in flower and the same symptoms have developed so I’m at a loss.. I’m thinking just water until they actually need nutes and bring the soil PPM levels down.. I’m just not sure what to ph my water at, I’m hoping the ones 2 week into flower are more hungry because there are 4 under 2 600s peaking at 31 degrees lol
  7. your ph is good there. whats the soil and post lots of pics. close and far away

    **i see that grow mix you listed. i've never heard of it. if it comes with nutrients though, that could be the problem. i'll look it up.

    ***actually that looks like good stuff but still a product i am unfamiliar with. but pics always help diagnose issues. pics of the soil too. what are temp ranges and ventilation like? there are so many factors to consider and we see only a piece of one leaf.
  8. The soil is plagron grow mix, I can’t take pics at the moment as its lights off here in the UK but I have these and they are all recent . Thanks for your help

    811545B7-47AC-4D79-8957-2BC646EDCA82.jpeg E115606F-5045-49D7-BD87-E7D64FFF18C1.jpeg DB564F34-F213-4893-A6C1-81D18FA1A39C.jpeg 6E32F27B-3B2B-45F2-8AD9-02BBF7294E5F.jpeg 7C782355-E483-44B9-A85F-37AD9E86042B.jpeg 7C782355-E483-44B9-A85F-37AD9E86042B.jpeg 7C782355-E483-44B9-A85F-37AD9E86042B.jpeg F2443AD4-18A9-42EC-B2C6-1744646B457B.jpeg 80F15050-965D-496D-9A4C-C15976801643.jpeg

    They are being fed an big bud, and terra Flores my water ec is 0.8 so I raise it to 1.0 with big bud and to 1.6 with Flores these smaller better looking ones are 10 days in to flower

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  9. i would say that you have some issues with heat or ventilation or root issues. the first clue is the size of the colas. they are far apart and very small and spindly. it looks sativa dom which means you are over halfway through the grow where they should be sucking up every bit of juice. those buds are so skinny and airy that it almost looks like a male. did you defoliate? seems like there should be more leaves. the smaller plants look lush but it is hard to see the discoloration in the light.

    ** actually only one of those pics really looks sativa dominate but i still stick by its another issue. those colas should be much fatter. what is the pot size?
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  10. I pH to between 6.5 and 7. I find my organic amendments want to keep the soil pH low. Every time I go below 6.5 in my solution I seem to get slight pauses in growth.

    Did you just go thru, or are you going thru a heatwave right now where you are? Sometimes those can bring on burnt leaf tips because your plant transpires water quicker than normal, and can't process the nutrients that come up with that water fast enough, leading to signs of toxicity. When I grew hydro years ago I used to dial my nute strength back a little in the summer.
    I later read about VPD and it all made sense.

    That might be what's going on if everything else seems normal.

    But I gotta say....that is one funky looking plant lol!
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  11. I did defoliate a bit but only the bottom, and the pot size is 18L
  12. Haha tell me about it, should I just rip them out and start with some decent seeds or just harvest some shit to get me through? What would you do lol? Decisions
  13. The others look decent. The one or two of them though, like a vine or something haha!
    I dunno what I'd do with that one.
  14. Im not sure if they will even have anything to smoke lol I’ll throw them Friday if no chance by then lol

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