Nute lockout? Or maybe time for harvest?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ToKKin, Oct 1, 2022.

  1. 5 of my plants are starting to get a lot of yellow leaves and 3 of them are getting a purplish tint on top of that. I’m wondering if it could be nutrient lockout? I’m using dyna gro who recommends a week long flush between veg and flower which I didn’t do by the advice of some people here. Or maybe these 5 are ready for an early harvest after a week long flush? On these plants mostly all the hairs have turned orange and looking at the trichomes with a 60x loupe the 2 white widows are about 15% amber on the buds and 60% amber on the sugar leaves and the 3 ak47s are probably 20-25% amber on the buds and also probably 60% amber or more on the sugar leaves. They’re also kind of falling over a bit because I thought 2 trellis nets would be enough but by the time I realized it wasn’t it was too late.. so I just supported the ones I could.

    BF05090E-B13B-4E46-A51B-287D18F26E23.jpeg 7A54A707-3B0C-4434-BDF4-F118CEAE288B.jpeg 12C31802-4A68-4DE1-9E48-2337B07FFB73.jpeg 86380C98-C284-4123-BEC4-33B34F441E58.jpeg 57E8C6FC-DE74-4354-898B-4D171EAADC61.jpeg ADFCBA06-B729-42FB-A0FB-789FA1BC024C.jpeg
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  2. some fine looking sativas there mate, gonna be a grand harvest
  3. next grow with this nute I'd ease off come late to mid flower, to avoid the nute burn(yellowing)
    and perhaps plant earlier and save any concerns over the red/purple stalled sap that ain't getting home due to the cold
    but looking great ---congrats I take an early harvest but it depends on the weather

    good luck

    ps the white random specks are whitefly bite marks, no biggy but can kill a crop as like all bugs allow the fungi/mold in, once the wound is open
  4. It’s funny you mention that.. I was wondering what that was but I just assumed it had something to do with the potassium bicarbonate that I was spraying on them since I didn’t notice it until a week after I started spraying it.
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