nute lock, ph, watering and fert questions

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  1. hi...i'm gonna try and make this succint.

    we are using a stick meter for soil getting a reading of 6.9.
    we use a chemical test for watering that reads my tap at 6.7.
    i tested my ferts (MG-it's all i could get) yesterday and they brought the tap down to 6.2
    some of the stems on my 1.5 week old seedlings are partially purple. none are completely purple and no leaves have purple veins. it is bag seed.

    my questions are
    1. am i going to see nute lock with a soil ph 1/10 over optimal range?
    2. do meter sticks for soil tend to run low or high? (like, HOW crappy are they?)
    3. can i just count on the fertilizer bringing the soil down to where it needs to be?
    4. could the purple at all just be normal for now?

  2. I have the same purple stems on some but not all of my plants, They are two diff strains and I just assumed that was the way the strain looked. I havent really over fertilized, just went by the manufacturer's directions although I have fertilized on every watering until the last and my girls look fine. I have read and tend to believe that the leaves are the tell-tale sign of any problems not the stems.
  3. thanks for your reply.

    the plants look fine otherwise...even after today when i added ferts for the first time. there's been noticeable growth today too...which surprised me.

    i'll keep an eye on them.

    thanks again for the info...i was thinking i'd just get more concerned if the leaves/veins started turning purple too.
  4. hey dude, i have purple stems all the time on my plants & seedlings & have never had a problem yet, if the leaves start turning then that could be some kind of issue

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