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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by toadnuts, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. I have advanced nutrients grow, micro, bloom,mother earth bloom organic super tea,grandma enggy's F-1,grandmas enggy's H-2... What other nutes do you guys recommend to go along with this advanced nutrient bloom? The plants that are growing under a 400watt hps papaya is the strain. i am growing in bubble buckets. i am using ro water with a max ppm of 5.....i also have epsom salt. I see n the chart of nutes needed on their chart and it is alot of things you have to get. can i get by with these nutes? if not tell me what else i have to get? or replace? thanks in advance
  2. I totaly didnt even read your q. but I can tell you what A.N people told me and I would suggest you call them yourself as they provide better info that probobly all the people on this forum when it comes to their nuts. one of the best products ou can buy from them is sensi grow a and b for vegg conessuer* a and b for bloom along with big bud. Over drive is good too but that just fucken roids. I use mother grow along with sensi a and b till flower then conessuer* a and b with big bud and a bit of tee.

    877 493 7687 ( if you are in us ) ask for shawn , this dude can answer all your qs and MORE.

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