Nute deficiency???

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  1. Please check previous post need help with my clones!!

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  2. Do those clones even have roots? Soil looks like crap and too little, also looks too wet. You are killing them.

    Replant in a good soil and don't over water and make sure pots or solo cups have holes in the bottom. Clear cups is a no no, roots hate light.
  3. Looks like you may need to let the soil dry a bit.
    You want the root nubs to shoot out looking for water. At this stage, I usually "water" just around the stalk with a teaspoon, or dropper, and try not to soak the soil. Very, very mild nute/B1 solution.
  4. I recommend you start over completely from scratch. Use small rockwool cubes to get your clones started with and some root hormone. After you cut the clone at a 45 degree angle and dip the tip in some rooting hormone, put it in the cube. Make sure the cube is damp, not wet. Wring the water out of the cube after you wet it, it should be damp, not wet. Then place your clones no more than two per bag in a 1 quart ziploc freezer bag and blow the bag up with your breath. Change the air in the bag once a day, and keep the bags 3' from your LED lights. Try to keep the temp around 75. Once you see roots pop out of the bottom of the cube, plant them babies. Here's why I highly recommend you start over, those look really bad at a young age, and the chances you may have turned them into a hermaphrodite from stress are greater than what I would risk.
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  5. Thank you!!

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