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  1. my auto has been doing great since I planted it from seed. It's a little over 3 weeks since it sprouted and just overnight started to show pistils. Later on after checking them again they've started to develop brown tips. Could this be from a nute def? I haven't used nutes yet since I'm using fox farms ocean floor but I did start some veg nutes today when I watered it. Should I be worried? my lights are about 2' from the top of the plant and it did suffer from some minor light/stress as the leaves were slightly curled up like a taco but they've since uncurled.

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  2. thats a sign of nute burn, but its not very severe, lighten up on the feeding for a little and give plain water for a few feeds
  3. The thing is I haven't gave it any nutes yet. It's been in the same soil since day one and has only gotten plain distilled water
  4. How often are you watering? Might be over watered, could also be PH related, and how much veg nutes did you use? Did you notice the tips after applying nutes?

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  5. I water probably every other day, not really on a set schedule I just check if the soil look and feels dry. It could be ph but I'm not sure as I've only used distilled water, and I noticed the tips had gotten like that before I gave it some nutes and it was a very small amount, probably 1/3 of what I was supposed to use
  6. Yes, its nute burn even with 1/3rd. Fox farms is a hot soil and will feed your plant well for a good bit. It's probably not ph related.

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  7. The tips of the leaves were browning before I gave them nutes.
  8. Should I just flush my plant? I'm planning on waiting the rest of the day to see if it gets worse. Could it be possible that the nutes that were in my soil to start are built up? When I water I give enough so that the top of soil is wet and there should be enough to get majority of the soil damp but not enough that some drains out every time
  9. How big is your plant? How big is the pot? Plastic or fabric? How much do you water on average in Liters

    I wouldnt flush just plain water unless it gets worse

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  10. My plant is currently about 8"-9" tall, the pot is 5 gallon(tall) plastic pot with I think 5 large drainage holes. I'm not entirely sure how much I water as I just buy 1 gallon jugs of distilled water poke holes in the top and water like that(when I think about it now I'd guess around 1-2 cups of water usually everyday/other day depending on how dry the soil looks, in the 4 weeks I've had it planted I've used probably only 2 full gallon jugs for it

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