nute burn

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  1. i recently fed my plants and 3 days later leaves are curling up at the tips very bad on about 3 plants should i flush asap or wait for them to need water again its just the fan leaves ,but the frosty ones coming off the buds ,the nugs seem to be fin(for now)
  2. c'mon someone has to have some advice
  3. im new... But I was always told when in doubt..

    Flush and start over.. delute your nutes when you give them to the plant....

    damn just saw the date... its been 5 days.. Hope you flushed if not what happened? Pics........
  4. i flushed that night leaves look horrible but buds seem to be ok just a lil brown on some of the tips of the small bud leaves i ordered a ppm tester and re calibrated my ph tester it was off a little jus watered yesterday with a light mix of general organics bloom bio thrive i think ,bloombastic,kool bloom and floro plus very light dose so i hope they will be ok it only affected 2 plants real bad a papaya and aurora ind my first grow cant wait this is the last feed before straight water i will try to post some pics but kind of noid ,think its safe
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