Nute burn?????

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by drdodge29, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Please tell me this is




  2. have you added nutes? what type of soil? watering? have you tested pH and NPK levels?
  3. Hydroponics. And I've obviously taken them away cause something is wrong.
  4. what the above poster is basically saying is.. we need more info.

    you can't just post a picture of a plant with no info about your setup.

    lights/nutes/soil(growing medium)/light schedule/temp/humidity/PH of water etc

    oh and better pictures : / it's kinda tough to see.
  5. Plants are about 33 days old from seedling. 5 days in flowering. 400 w HPS 12/12. Dutch Master products. I'm using AN Final Flush right now to flush plants of nutes. Nutes were at 900 PPM before I took it away. Medium is Starter Plugs and Hydroton. Temp always fluxuating from lower/mid 70's to no more than 80 degrees f. Water temp from 62-69 degrees f. Humidity between 40-50%. Sometimes will drop to 37%. pH of water when it started showing these signs were at 5.7. Now it's at 6.0 cause I changed out the water so I can flush it.Started showing signs a few days ago and has progressed drastically in last 24 hours
  6. DSC00802.JPG
    Here's a better pic. I'll upload another one when my battery charges
  7. yep u put to high of a dose on them. they might survive flush flush flush
  8. I started flushing them yesterday w/ Advanced Nutrients Final Flush. They getting worst by the hour at this point. Only bottom of plant. Rest of plant still green. now when u flush, does ur PPM's get higher? Like the flushing solution I use has the water at 150 PPM. What if the next day it says 180 PPM
  9. water only man i think you just now killed them. flush with water only distelled water t that
  10. if you flush them with water u should be fine bro

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