nute burn?

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  1. plants are growing like mad but leaves still curling? still nute burn ph lil below 6

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  2. I think if it were nute burn we would see some darker green, whats the NPK of the ferts you give it

    the twisting leads me to believe its ph related try dropping the ph to 5.5

    they are looking better than last week, whats been done to them since you posted the pics
  3. i just let them go, been giving them ff grow big. the 3 that are burnt bad im gonna remove because the roots are growing 10 times faster than the rest(huge roots like 2 feet long and everywhere) all i have is the pool tester type of ph meter so its hard to tell where exactly it is but i can lower the ph a lil. should i see results on those leaves or do i need to wait for new growth? thanks
  4. yes once the issues is resolved the leaves should straighten out and darken green a bit more
  5. could it possibly be heat issues my thermometer has always been at between 65 and 85 but set a cheap outside one down for a minute in the direct light and it went to 100 quick. now this is radiation heat from the lights, its not burning the leaves but maybe that's why there curling?? the air temp is 80 at 2 feet up and 85 at the ceiling.
  6. 75-85F is optimum
  7. thats 75 85 at tops of plants or air temp? i mean in the shade at the same spot under the light its cooler so is it a direct light temp?
  8. got it locked:hello: it was heat i guess or too much light, is that possible? moved the light up a foot or so and all new growth is straight and normal looking my friends garden is exploding so fast its hard to keep up. thanks for the help
  9. good news
    yes they can get too much light, did you lower the PH?
  10. Way to figure it out rocks4me.

    +rep for using your head.
  11. im not familiar with that what is your plant growing in?
  12. its a home brew hydro

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