Nute burn???

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  1. Hey guys does tho look like nute burn or a deficiency? Please help! Leaves are curling up and drying out. Fox farm ocean forest soil. Always ph'd around 6 to 6.5 feeding it ff tiger bloom and big bloom with bsm every other watering. Thanks[​IMG]

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  2. its hungry . Plant Doctor - Diagnose Your Plants! | Grow Weed Easy start using this .
    i swear by calmag use two teaspoons per gallon of water . do not let the water sit more then 2 days after this is mixed in or the water gets funky . use this every grow for now on in veg and in flower its that good keeps them green all the time .
  3. it would not let me post it above . get some calmag . Botanicare - 1 qt. - Cal-Mag Plus
    your going tog get a lot of opinions on your plants most of them will be incorrect suggest looking at the pictures in the website i posted to confirm what i told you .
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  4. Surely 2 teaspoons is way too much. Google translate saying that's 5.9 ml. My calmag says 1ml per ltr so that's basically 4 per gallon.and that's to treat a Def. it's 1/2 ml per litre if useing regularly.
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  5. mine says on the back of the bottle 1 teaspoon for light feeding . and 2 teaspoons for heavy feeding per gallon of water .. ok so read the back of the damn bottle and follow the directions . go with the more then less for now . good luck . keep us posted .
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  6. What you disagree with lol

  7. Have you recently raised your nutrient level?
  8. images.jpg they make what 20 different kids of cal mag ? all people have to do is read the back labels .
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  9. Yeah my cal-mag I got says 2-3 tsp per gallon. It all.depends on the concentration levels I guess, but I went with what you said and I gave it a good feeding. I have a tds meter but I'm having a hard time getting into that shit. My run-off in my last water was like 250 ppm which apparently is low for this stage of flowering

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