Nute burn?

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  1. I gave it general organics nutes light feeding 9 day ago and fourteen days ago witha watering in between. Just water since. Those were the only two feedings I've done and this is week four since 12/12.  The lower leaves are yellowing and there are some  brown spots forming here and there.  Ph is about 6.9 going in 6.0 coming out.  Any help?


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    Need to correct your runoff. While it will fluctuate 6.0 is to low. flush with a higher ph until your runpff is in the 6.5-6.8 range. When you resume feeding, after the soil dries out a bit, start at 1/4 strength of your last feedingEverything looks great other then that from what i can see. Keep it up.
  3. OK I  got it up to 6.5. 

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