Nute Burn? Salty breeze? low PH?

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  1. Hello guys, i hope everyone that take the time to read my post is doing well.
    I really hope i can get an expert advice on this matter.

    As I watered my outdoor plants yesterday I realized I'm starting to get brown spots and curled leaves
    I'm using fox farm soil with some random organic soil and for the second time yesterday added 60 ml of fox farm big bloom and 15 ml of grow big ( fist time was a week ago), during the week i just water them with tap water.
    I'm am growing in so-Cal, meters away from the ocean ,on 20 gallon pots, plants are about a month old
    I also added neem oil with dish soap because of some white flies , plants are getting direct sunlight from 8am am to 8 pm.
    Do you think I have nutrient lock because of an Ph imbalance ?
    Could the ocean salt harmed them and made the soil more salty lowering the pH ?
    Could the Neem oil and dish soap plus the sunlight burned them?
    Deficiency in Cal or Mag?

    I'm a cancer patient and this plant really helps out , this is my first time growing photo plants and using nutes thank you for taking the time on reading it.

    20190826_151742.jpg 20190826_105148.jpg 20190826_104902.jpg 20190826_105010.jpg 20190826_105014.jpg 20190826_105134.jpg 20190826_151802.jpg
  2. Sothern California tap water tends to run very high PH. Most cities push it up to help protect old iron water mains. Mine is a consistent 8.5 PH out of the hose.
    Likely you seeing some PH push from the tap water. I run Sulfur in my soil to help keep the PH more in range.
    Ocean air is a non issue.
    My own grow is just a mile from the beach and it doesn't cause any problems.
    So Cal Growers Unite
    An American Dream - White Picket Fences and Marijuana in the So Cal Sun

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  3. Bake water in large trash can sized container. Than I would pH and add some Calmag. I was Capt fox and they lacked in that.

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  4. I
    I'll water next time using purified water , think that will help ? As an update plants don't look worse they are still growing , but the new grown is still curling like horns

    Bake water ? What does it mean , how much calmag would you add , I'm afraid of harming them further
  5. Put tap water in jugs for a day or so. Helps get rid of the flouride and other crap. Leave outside in heat if u have it

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  6. on cristal containers?
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