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  1. ok so i nute burned the crap out of my plants. i panicked when i over watered my plants and instead of letting nature take its course so i repotted the plants. then i fed the plants for the first time directly after the repotting rather than letting them settle first. now a little info as into what im using. im using bag seed, first grow, grow box is 4'x28"x28", around 75 degrees, 18/6 lighting schedule, 10 27watt cfls, 2 fans,1 heater(for when the lights go out), 2 plants in 8" pots, miracle grow organic mixed with perlite and peat moss using vigoro all purpose plant food 24-8-16. they were fed about a week ago. i used 1/2 a teaspoon of food per gallon as recomended and used what i needed. so should i cut the leafs off that are burned or let them stay? heres some pics 1 of each plant and an overview of the grow box. suggestions and recommendations are deeply appreciated and thank you in advance.

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  2. READ man READ.... there are about a thousand other threads just like yours, posted by people who didnt bother to do research....

    Educate yourself brother! Its the only way..

    P.S. too young for nutes... read, read, read....
  3. not lying i did a few searches i understand everything from why it happens, how to deal with it after, i just couldnt find anything about whether to leave or get rid of. i even got the marijuana garden saving book and it didnt say anything about what to do about the leafs that are burned. but will do more searches. thank you

  4. Judging by the size, They are fine for Nutrients, in smaller doses. I will look back and see whats up.:D

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