Nute Burn? Please Help!

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  1. Ok heres the rundown, its my second grow, I'm vegging plushberry and qleaner strains in 7 gal pots, using ff lineup and ff ocean forest soil. I added nutes to the soil for the first time last week and my plants turned to this. Can someone please let me now whats happening, I'm a noob so please go e z on a first-timer :eek: lol. Anything else you want to kno just ask.


    Heres how they look

  2. what strength did you use. start at 1/4 strength and work you way up. your burning them. flush immediately, then water only 5-6 feedings. then start back nutes 1/4 strength
  3. That's not nute burn. Root rot maybe. Ph off. I don't think it's nutes though because nute burn does start at the bottom but the very tips of the blades die then the leaf and I haven't seen it look like that. There's a serious issue there bro. How often are you watering. Are you letting we dry out almost completely ?
  4. Remember. Plain water plain water nutes one quarter strength. Then it's plain water. Plain water. Nutes again. It may help you to water the plant with plain water. Then come back a couple minutes later and water again so if it is salt build up from nutes. The second watering will wash it away. Then your next watering you can start at one fourth strength.
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    magnesium diff it's going to work its way up the plant add cal mag 10 ml per gal with water and some micro's to help bring it to the plant faster

    And it looks like you really over water that plant as well so root rot is not out

    That plant is way to old to be at 1/4 food it should be at about 800 ppm grow and cal mag
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  6. I go by the ff schedule as stated, so im thinking 100% strength. I poured in 3 gal of pure ph balanced water a few days ago and this is how it looks now
  7. yes i am letting the soil dry out almost completely but when i saw this problem, a few days ago, i did some research and asked some questions at my grow shop as to the problem, they said it was nute burn because the soil is hot and no need to feed at full strength. I then flushed each plant with 3 gal of pure ph balanced water in my tub to wash the salts out. checked runoff ph after 3 gal flush, down from 2450 ppm to 1450ppm. Could anyone tell me whether i use the 500ppm, 700ppm setting, or the ec setting on my ppm pen as well (blue labs)
  8. I was told water, feed, water, feed, water, feed schedule. so this is not the right thing to do? im using ff ocean forest soil and nutes.
  9. Before this incident, my plants were looking gorgeous (never fed one time, only watered) and after i fed them (according to ff schedule) i noticed this going on I asked around and was told it was because the soil is hot (using ff ocean forest) and to flush and wait to feed them. I flushed with 3gal of water per pot and these pics were taken approx 3 days after incident so soil is pretty saturated with water now. This sh*t sux man. Real bummer :mad:
  10. Yes that's the right thing to do and 2500 ppm omg! I don't go over 1200 lol

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  11. i thought the ppms were high. What setting do i use on my ppm meter, 500 ppm or 700ppm or ec? or does it really matter? And what should the ppms of my solution be in veg and bud cycles?
  12. Veg
    Grow food
    1st 500 ppm
    2nd 700 ppm
    3rd 800-1000 I don't go over 1000 ppm in veg
    Flower food
    1st 50/50 grow flower 1000 ppm so 500 each
    2nd same
    3rd flower food 1000-1200 up to 1500 if you want int the end

    I don't know what kind of meter that is so I can't help you there I just put mine in and it tells me lol only settings are ppm or TDS
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    Thanks for the info and I have a blue labs ppm pen Bluelab EC and ppm pens

    Hey i just read something maybe you can also find some usefulness to as well. Found the answer to the ppm settings:
    PPM measures parts per million. ppm is known as dimensionless quantities; that is, they are pure numbers with no associated units of measurement. A mass concentration of 2mg/kg - 2 parts per million - 2ppm - 2 x 10-6.

    There are many different scales used for different industries around the world and for many different reasons! Did you even know there are more than two scales? The most widely used scales in Hydroponics are the 500 scale, 650 scale and the 700 scale.

    What's the difference? The ppm 700 scale is based on measuring the KCl or potassium chloride content of a solution. The ppm 500 is based on measuring the NaCl or sodium chloride content of a solution and is also referred to as TDS - total dissolved solids. Individual nutrient ions have different electrical effects! The true ppm of a solution can only be determined by a chemical analysis. ppm cannot be accurately measured by a CF or EC meter. They are present on Bluelab products as a conversion guide only. The conversion is as follows:

    2.4EC x 500 = 1200ppm (500 scale) or 1200ppm / 500 = 2.4EC

    2.4EC x 700 = 1680ppm (700 scale) or 1680ppm / 700 = 2.4EC

    If you are reading from a book that says you should grow your crop at 1100ppm - how do you know which scale the writer is referring to? Is the scale on your ppm meter right for the job? If the book was written in the USA, it could be the 650 or 500 scale. If the book is written in the UK, it could be the 700 scale. If it was written in Australia, well it could be any of the three!

    If you must grow using ppm, you will need to know the following;

    What ppm scale is the book referring to?
    What ppm scale is your meter using?
    Which standard or calibration solution should you use for your meter?
    What ppm scale is the nutrient formula referring to?

    (Courtesy of BlueLab)
  14. Just solved my own issue with the ppm setting. I called Fox Farm and they said i should use the 700 ppm setting with their products. ;)
  15. Sweet

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  16. Its hard not to go into my veg room and look at how damaged they are man, really sux :mad: and im noticing that the remaining leaves that are undamaged are getting bigger, is this a sign of healing or not?
  17. if they are not dead then they will continue to grow. you can cut the burnt part off
  18. should i cut the branches or just the dead leaves?

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