Nute burn or Nitrogen deficiensy???? or something else??

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  1. Ok here goes. Done many coco grows with no probs but this is my first time in DWC and i seem to have hit my first hurdle.

    Got 8 oxypots (DWC) under 2 600's
    nutrients i am using is canna hydro A + B
    Temps are always between 63 and 77
    ph is always between 5.2 and 6.2 as stated on nutrient bottle.

    I know the above is all spot on and correct for DWC according to the many sources ive read up on before i started. If not then somebody please correct me.

    This leads me to think the problem lies with Nute burn or a Nitrogen deficiency.

    The cuts were rooted in root riots (the lazy mans rockwool) and then put in 4 inch rockwool cubes. Before I put them in the buckets they already had a well established root system in the cubes and some of the lower leaves were showing signs of yellowing. When i first put them in the buckets and under the 600's i started off with an ec of 0.5 (or 5 depending on your meter) to be on the safe side to avoid nute burn. The yellowing worsened gradually which made me rethink because an ec of 0.5 sureley wouldnt burn established cuts would it? This has led me to Nitrogen def so I upped the EC to 1.0 (or 10) last night.

    Should the ec be higher or lower? Are my ph ranges correct? Is there anything else it could be?

    Any help or advice is appreciated. If ive missed anythin off jus ask and if ive been to thorough, my bad. [​IMG]

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  2. Yes, those need some more nitrogen
  3. Thought so. Only just upped the ec last night Cheers. Theyve only just been put in the buckets so the roots arent yet in the nute solution. You think its best to take the net pot out and give it a dip in the solution up to the roots just to give them an instant dose or jus leave them as they are and wait for the roots to find it themselves?
  4. well, what did you up the EC to? because upping it to 10 is an extremley high number which will quickly kill off your plant.

    your pH is too low. keep it more around 5.8, maybe more around 6.0 for a little bit. your plant is extremley deficient in phosphorus. do you see how bushy the bottom of the plant is, and how the top of it is longer and way more stretched out? a lack of phosphorus is the contributing factor to this stretch. more nutes wont solve your issue - your phosphorus is "locked out" because of the low pH.

    you also have a magnesium deficiency. magnesium is essential to plant growth, and it's overall health. magnesium is a key element used in the production in of photosynthesis, so make sure you have abundant Mg.

    see the white spots coming off of the leaf? those are its resin glands telling you it is too hot. get your area cooler.

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