Nute burn or Lockout?

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    HI everyone, I'm pretty much a first timer, and am a little confused about my plant. It's only about 12 day's old and it is showing signs of what I think is lockout due to the PH, which at the moment I have no control over. I knew it had become over watered so I changed the soil and gave it a little water with Epson salt in it, because I think the Mg is being locked out. I am unfortunately using Miracle grow soil so if this is nute burn how do I stop it with a time released soil. I should mention that I had left for the weekend and and the A/C in the room had been turned off so when I returned I noticed the temp had spiked at 93 degrees. It usually sits at 75-80 degrees. Does anyone know what is going on? I really think it is nute burn because the water I gave it before I left had nutes in it, the soil was 1 1/2wks old already so I thought it was safe, it was the first water sense the seed planting. Today is the 12th of Sep and I am noticing this same problem on all of my leaves, even new growth, they were born Aug 29th. Is the miracle grow soil doing this to my plant? IF so what can I do being the broke S.O.B. that I am at the moment.

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  2. Too much water...let it dry out and water half as much as you were...and top dress with lime.
  3. I already transplanted to dryer soil and it has shown improvement as far as the drooping, but it's the spots of necrosis that worry me.
  4. look and see if it's a calcium lockout which i believe is from too high a ph. look on the problems sticky at top of forum
  5. All the info I have gathered points to Mg deficiency, I am sure this is due to the PH because I have well water and no test kit. I did however distill the water before using it and am now switching to pure water from the jug, I hope this will help balance the PH and unlock the correct nute.
  6. Slow down hotrod......12 days old is a little too early to have ANY problems other than over watering. They are too young to be fed yet. It sounds like it may be caused by the MG soil, particularly if it has time released fertilizer in it. The best way to diagnose plant issues is to look at the two biggest causes of problems......too much water and too many nutes. Those of you who read a description of a problem and are convinced it is exactly the same problem your plant is having need to remember to keep it simple. 95% of growers couldn't accurately diagnose a trace element deficiency, a Ph lockout, or any of the other minor issues that horticulturists speak of. Not directing any negativity towards you, just climbing on the soapbox for a minute to help out.
  7. Thank you for the Information, I kind of suspected I was getting a little too involved.

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