Nute burn or leds too close?

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    Hey guys second grow here.

    es180 @ 24"
    Gh nute line Currently @ 300ppm
    Fabric pots

    La Confidential
    Planted 7//72019

    Im not sure if this is light burn or nute burn?
    your help would be appreciated.
  2. It's not nute burn. Nute burn usually turns the tips yellow/brown. This looks more light light burn. May want to raise the lights a bit until those top-most leaves aren't cupping the way they are.
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  3. I own the ES300, and 24" would be too close for my plants.
    It's probably light burn, as Cannabliss says.
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  4. I have lifted the lights up so we should be ok now. I will report back.
    How close do you have your es300 when in flower?
    Also how are you liking the electric sky led?
  5. That looks like light bleaching/burning is it on your lower growth or just top?
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  6. I've only done 1 grow with it, and the autos got so tall, I couldn't keep them away from the lights.
    30" plus is what I do.
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