Nute burn or deficiency?

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  1. Just noticed the twisting and Browning of the tips on one plant. The other is slightly yellowing but not as bad.
    I fed them some bio root 0-1-1 About 3 or 4 days ago, then one plain ph water after that.

    I just received nectar for the gods extraction , it's 0-1-0 for carbon. Was thinking of a small flush using this and some zues juice. Unless it's a deficiency, then I'll feed. I'm leaning towards burn though. They still have some slow release nitrogen left. [​IMG]

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  2. Post your pictures in natural lighting as well as several whole plant pictures for best advice. My perfectly healthy plants can have fifty dead and dying leaves on the bottom but that doesn't mean the plant is unhealthy or has deficiencies.

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    Here you goo

    I know there's probably a few problems in there.
    The soil I started in was slow release organic. So I transplanted into fox farm OF about a week and a half ago. Gave a very small amount of bio root 0-1-1 after 2 normal waterings after the transplant but haven't used since.
    Just received my aphrodities extraction from nectar for the gods. It's supposed to help flush as well as keep the microbial food available .
    They're almost a month old. About 27 days today.
    I've also been using some organic bug spray for the past 6 days, in fear of the yellow spots being from bugs. I plan to give them a break for the next 3 or 4 days from that than switch to a different spray if need be.

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    I have a fan on the inside on low, and one outside that vent behind on low. My temps are fine and they aren't dancing around like crazy from the wind, but they did have a little wind burn from a week ago or so . I'm more worried about the yellowing and Browning spots. It's like they jump from the tips to the middle of the leaves. [​IMG]

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  5. I'm not seeing anything that would concern me whatsoever - your plants look very good and healthy. I wouldn't even think twice about the small necrosis spots here and there - seriously.

    I *would* think about transplanting to larger pots soon, though. Keep doing what you're doing - I'd be proud of those plants if I were you. They look great to me.

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  6. Alright I'll try not to stress it as much. As my first grow i guess I'm a little concerned at every new discovery that could be a problem.

    Yeah I know I need to transplant them into bigger pots, I didn't expect them to grow out of the 1 gallons so fast. I'm gonna have to wait another 2 weeks though because they just got transplanted into that 1 gallon a week and half a ago:/

    I'm gonna do a small flush with the nectar for now and see if that helps with the necrosis down the line and hold off on nutrients for another 2 weeks.
    Thanks for the help!

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  7. I wouldn't wait another full 2 weeks if you can help it - I think at the rate they're growing right now they'd benefit from a transplant sooner. Watch what happens over the next week and try and transplant next weekend - I think you'll be surprised at how much they've grown in the next week. they look very healthy right now - I think you're doing an excellent job.

  8. Think they'll be ok with another transplant just 2 weeks after the Last? One was topped 3 days ago and I was going to top the other tomorrow. (Hoping it would slow the growing down in order to transplant later )

    One plant was transplanted 9 days ago. The other was 6 days ago.

    I'm in smart pots. Someone hinted at just cutting the fabric away instead of transplanting so close together . If I have to that is.

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    I guess by next weekend it will 2 weeks total since the last transplant. I was trying to wait at least 3 though if I could. I guess this weekend I'll see how they are and if I need to transplant I will. I'm gonna only be able to use 3 gallon pots for now. 2 plants in 3 gallon smart pots will just barely fit in my 2x2 tent

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  10. I only have 4 and a half feet height wise for now, but I do have 2 tents , so I figure I can squeeze 2 3 gallons in both tents. Or 1 5 gallon in each. I'll find out which yields better and is easier on me.

    Thanks for all your help!

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  11. You'll definitely want to get them into their final homes (pot size) soon then so that they can make themselves comfortable because you're going to need to start flowering them sooner than later! Remember - cannabis can more than double in height in flower, so if you put a 12" plant into flower it can easily finish at 2 1/2' to 3' and sometimes even more!
  12. Alright I'll put them in their new and final homes of 3 gallon pots next weekend :)
    Sadly that's as big of a pot as I can go. Unless they make 5 gallon pots that aren't 12inch wide but also aren't to tall

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