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nute burn,nitrogen deficiency or heat stress

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by 5mokestacks, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. ok i started out with 1 100 watt cfl then e leaves drooped which could have been from over watering or it was just gonna happen anways and also a little yellowing on the tip of leaves.then i added a second 100w cfl now 2 leaves are yellowing on the tips and on the outsides of the leaves.i cant tell if its heat stress or nute burn or nitrogen deficiency.i had changed to full water no nutes and it seen to get this morning about 5oclock i put nutes back in at a 1/4 and i took out one of my cfl's and moved at about a inch further away from the plant.

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  2. How far away is your light? What are some temperature readings? Whats the grow medium?
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    a few of my plants about the same age as yours are doing the exact same thing..frm what im experiencing its either nitrogen def or far as heat could be but i would think your leaves wopuld be more happnd to me

    oh and btw the cotyledon's (first embriotic growth) will eventually fall off
  4. i hope she isnt slowly dying on me i gotta figure this out it is wrecking my brain cuz i wanna find out
  5. thats originally what i thought my plant was going to do but its still hanging in there..what type of medium are you using to grow in?.. these are 2 of my 9 plants that are having issues..the one without the curls is the one that is similar to yours and the brn leaves on the other is from light burn

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    I'm sure I'll get flamed for this but why on earth do people give seedlings nutes :confused:

    They don't even need them so it's a waste 99% of the time and risks fucking up a good seed. It aint James and the Giant Peach. People cannot force physics to speed up :D

    My advice is to do less. Less is more!!! quit tinkering with it or playing with it. Get it the basics, make sure the environment is solid and then leave it be for a day... or maybe two :eek:

    crazy advice I know. :smoke:

    i highly doubt it to be light burn. I have had cfl's 1 inch from seedlings with no probs before...
    also bagseeds can be genetically shit, be disease or pest prone, and just grow sickly. Sometimes you can do everything right and still the plant will grow to be a disappointment.

    from what i see everything looks to be over watering and feeding problems. I also doubt you have any deficiencies at this point with that thing being so small. Perhaps pH lock out at best.

    Also just noticed this looks to be a soil grow???
  7. we i well i did dump the nute water and use full water and it got worse
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    here becomes the problem with soil and why I switched. Because nutes will build up in the soil and requires a good flush to remove and even then some will stay. But if you already watered a flush could over water, cause root rot, etc etc...

    You actually would get more help for this in either the beginner section or the soil section. Hydro section gets an average of 8-20 members viewing whereas other sections have a lot more people willing to help.

    My advice is to kill this one and start new. If it is bagseed then you are only out a lil time. Don't sweat it bro, I have had expensive seeds from reputable farms and not even every bean in those packs are 100% the same. Which is why a lot of the ads say "you will have no problem finding a mother in a pack of 6" and things like that. Because not ALL seeds are created equal.

    In the time it could take for that to recover a new seedling done right could surpass it possibly.
  9. i am not using soil im using rockwool.the soil pics were someone else showing me that the same happen to their plants.this sis why im in the hydro section

  10. makes sense now, but my advice about starting over remains the same. I think it would be much faster to get to the end than salvaging what you have in the first pics.
  11. my friend has some kush and diesel seeds(suppose to be)im gonna get those and see what happens and aslo order some tangerine dream and probably blue cheese.

  12. I'm a huge fan of the Blue Cheese. Easy first time strain as well. Make sure the rock wool has been pH'd and everything is ready for those good beans.
  13. the one im growin gnow is super lemn haze from greenhouse adn i did the ph rockwool and everything .she is growing fine i just having this issue with my leaves im trying to get under control
  14. are your cfls actual watts or equivalent watts?

    I grew a stealth cfl grow once and used one HUGE cfl that was literally 105w. Full spectrum and used it start to finish and had good dank come from it. But my leaves got much darker and healthier under it than the array of smaller cfls i had before. Not sure if that helps at all. I know menards sells the light i'm talking about but I ordered one online for $40 shipping included.
  15. she was fine 2 days ago now she looks like sht.i some home from work and alot more to the leaf was turning yellow and the the part that was already yellow is turning brown
  16. If its possible, and not freezing, get her some sunlight and talk to her. Lay off any nutes, and use either a pHed tap (let sit for 24hrs) or spring water. The ppm should sustain a seedling that small.. I have been dealing with similar issues and shes looking great now. I lost a week though:/
  17. i heard of people talking to plantsbut i thought it was crazy.will try it tomorrow
  18. ok i thought i would post more pics to show progress is getting worse.and now i see one of my new leaves tip is starting to turn yellow



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