Nute burn Nightmare! Pls Help!

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  1. alright so let me break it down is when the PH level in the water is too off or the nutrient level is too high to where the plant has to change its metabolism to consume food thru the acidic water. but in result it burns the nutrients up along with the acid and therefor does not receive harldy any nutrients even though the plant continunes to grow new growth begins to get brown spots towards the tips then eventually all through out the leaf untill it dries up and just falls off. basiclly the plant is growing off its self now. PH has to be balanced between 5.5 and 6.3 this is so that the plants roots accept the nutes best and are prone to consume the most and just grub all day. SO this is how we fucked up

    Our Scenerio: we runnin the aeroflo 60 with humbolt product oneness, humbolt roots, humbolt prozyme, calmag. as we planted the clones we adjusted the ph wrong and added too much acid and tested ph too soon (ever 15 minutes) before the water could actually be truely mixed. anyways the next day the PH was way below 4.0 so we added over 30ml of base (wayy too much) and did the same mistake and measured incorrectly. the following day the PH was wayy above 7.0 so we added over 30ml of acid again,like a dumb ass; basically the PH for the first week was completely Fucked until we realized to how get it on point and so we flushed after a week but by the 4rth day the plants already had nute burn so we flushed after the first week and uped the nutes as the guidelines says. WRONG we were supposed to flush completely for a week so the plants metabloism would be on point. for the 2nd week the PH was on point ALL DAY but they still have nute burn and continued to grow but not as fast as i heard they should in the aeroflo 60. it was our 3rd week so we flushed again but this time only added 1/4 of the nutes as described in the guidelines. PH is onpoint all day now. Between 5.6 and 6.1 the tips were burnt at first but now they are all good. only small brown spots appear on the new growth leaves then begin to spread and kill the leaves as it grows and new growth takes over and its an on going cycle. i need to stop this before i flower so how do i get the plants back to the right way!! i feel bad for me girls. i bet they are thinkin "DAMN THESE *****S DONT KNOW HOW TO GROW ME FOR SHIT" haha we got 3 1000 watters 4 feet away and RH:room humidity is prettty constant at 45% before it was every whre but now we got the right equiptment to keep it there. temp flucts between 70F (lights off) to 83F (lights on) strain is SOME PURPLE SHIT. ask if the plants will drown without nutes? how exactly do you flush? just PH balance the water and thats it? no special FLush treatment needed? for how long? lets smoke a fat blunt tomorrow

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