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  1. hi guys. got some nute burn in week 6 of flower and i am now in week 7 and was wondering what to do? im giving them a flush but is there anythin else i should do as my babys dont look too well. temperature has just started to get a bit on the high side now the summer is here... is this adding to the burn? the buds are big and juicy so dont want to loose them over nute burn. cheers i will try and post pics but i am a newbie to the forum
  2. Photos are always very helpful, I've learned that in my time here.

    But for a general answer, there's not a whole lot you can do. What kind of nutrients are you using? Are they chemical / salt based or are they organic?

    Just continue with a flush for a day or so. Let the soil dry. Resume feeding when the plant is recovering. Reason I say let the soil dry, is because you could make the problem a lot worse, really easily, by over watering and damaging the roots. Get those photos and that info an someone may be able to give a better answer.

    Might also want to delete the multiple postings of this thread...
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  4. thanks for the reply, i was using hydrotops bloom and advanced nitrients overdrive all at half the rate it says on the bottles. iv always grown the same way and had no issues so dont no were im going wrong??? anyways, im on a flush at the minuite, how long should i flush and how much plain water should i flush with each time i water??? iv only got 3 weeks of flower left. i am hoping to carry on using my base nutes along with the overdrive after flush to finish them off and give the buds some size and weight.... any input or advice would be muchly appreciated

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  5. ???

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  6. Wow, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, I got completely sidetracked.
    Anyway, it's been about 3 days?  I'd recommend two more days,  then let the soil dry out pretty thoroughly before resuming nutrient schedule.  Remember to do another small flush before harvest.
    As for amount of water each time, that depends on the size of the pots your plants are in.  If I have my plants in 5 gallon pots, I'll try to run just a little under ten gallons through them each day of flush.

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