nute burn/deficiency?

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  1. Well I think I have a small problem now. Here's the basics of my grow.....

    flowering stage (38 days today)
    400W HPS lamp
    ProBloom 2.5-2-5 for nutes (I mix approx 1.oz per gallon)

    Here's what happened....

    Had to go out of town for a few days, so I wanted to make sure my plant had enough water while I was gone. This last sunday I watered the plant until it was soaked and was draining out the bottom ( I have 8 holes drilled around the bottom of the pot, about 1/2inch in size). Used the whole gallon of nute/water mix. I watered a little more on monday morning before I left.

    I got home wednesday night late after my plant was sleeping(lights out). Couldn't see real good because the lights were out (used a flashlight). Anyway it felt dry, so I watered it a little more. When I checked on them thursday morning I noticed that a couple of the leaves looked like they have possible nute burn. It only seems to be a few leaves, and mainly on one side of the plant.

    I was doing some research, and looking at one of the posts somebody put up with pics on nute deficiencys (sorry can't remember who, but great post/link). A couple of the pics kind of looked like the leaves on my plant.... Manganes defecient, and calcium deficient.

    I gues what I'm asking is to me it makes sense that it is nute burn.

    Can somebody take a look and give me your opinion?

    If it's nute burn would it make sense to cut out the nutes for the rest of flowering, or maybe just cut back?

    After I watered when I got back, it doesn't seem to be getting worse....

    Is it possible that it was to dry, and the buds started taking nutes from the fan leaves?

    Like I said, I mix 1oz. of nutes per gallon of water And I do this all the time, no breaks with fresh water. I also let the water/nute mix sit over night before I even use it.

    Here's the pics

    pic 1 .... this is the worst of all the leaves

    pic 2 .... this is the top bud of the plant... (actually two buds)...twin peaks

    pic 3 .... bottom of the plant

    pic 4 .... top view of plant (you can see it on the leaves of the bud that is on the bottom of the pic, left of center) this is what pic1 is.

    smoke on

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  2. hey mag and cal. deff are very common but just do this flush your plant out meaning take your plant into your shower and run water in the pot and let it drain at the bottom once the water at the bottom is clear your good and just then leave the plant like that for 2 days then add your normal nutes you need to do this at least like 3 times through out your grow this method removes salt build up and release the nute lock up.
  3. The first and easiest thing to rule out is PH. Many problems can present like one another and doing a quick test could rule that out. What is your soil PH? Secondly, it seems to me that you are over-caring for your plants. You watered on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday... I think I see over watering in your leaves a little too. See how they droop? How could you have a calcium deficiency with all the nutes you give it? I am not familiar with pro bloom. Does it not have micronutrients? Nonetheless, I would cut back on the nutes for a while as well.
  4. Thanks guys... I check thd ph level and I think it's o.k( pic attached). That is if my eyes are working correctly. So I think I will try to flush out the pot and cut back on the nutes, like you guys mentioned.

    The reason I watererd wednesday too, is that the top 2 inches or so was dry to the touch. I also have one of those moisture readers. and was able to push that down into the soil about 4 inches before it started to read moisture.

    I seem to have to water every other day though.

    Anyway here's some pics of the ph, and also the nutes that I use.

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  5. Ok. If your meter said the soil was dry 4 inches down then your watering is fine. I wonder why it is drying so fast. Your humidity must be low and your temps. must be high. As for your deficiency theories I don't think they are correct. Your fertilizer is fine and it has calcium and magnesium and all the trace elements so that is good. Thanks for the pics on that by the way. As for your ph well I totally can't tell what it is. What is the actual number that you estimate it is at (example 6.5)? I had that ph testing method once and just switched to this:
    It is much easier to use.
  6. I've bought this meter awhile ago, but I don't really trust it. Right now maybe it's o.k, but before it would always read 7.0 which is what it sits at when it's off. I could never get it to move at all, and I tried in several different area in two different plants, and outside in a few different areas. It always sat on 7.0 before.

    I didn't think my theory about deficiency made much sense either. It was just something I noticed when I was looking for some info on my plant problem. That's why I decided to post, because I'm stuck and I know I can get some good honest opinions/guidance from you guys.

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  7. Its not at 7.0 now. It looks like 6.5 which is perfect and your meter is fine. That a good one. Based on all this I would say your giving to much nutes. Consider cutting back to every other watering and start this at the end of next week or so. How are the plants looking today? Good luck.
  8. Ok, will do
    Plant could look better, there are a few more leaves showing nute burn.Is this maybe a result of whats already happened?
    I diluted the solution I made with another gallon of water. That means this mix is 1 oz. per 2 gallons of water. I think I'll stop on the nutes after I use this mix. Or do you think I should stop now maybe.

    Anyway here's some pics of the plant. You can see on the last pic, more nute burn on the upper leaves

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  9. Do you know what strain this is? If it is an Indica (which it looks like) those take from 45-60 days to finish. If thats the case and you are at day 38 I would recommend you stop feeding all together. You want to stop all fertilizing 1-2 weeks prior to harvest. If it is not an Indica just feed it every other time. The plant actually looks pretty good.
  10. LOL, funny you mention that. Just woke up awhile ago, first thing I do if I'm home is say g'morning to my little girl (spelled plant). Anyhoot, I noticed some of the hairs are starting to turn orange. This is mainly happening under the canopy, i.e... the very top of the plant is all white hairs still. I think I saw about a dozen or so, funny though... the more I look the more I find. Never thought I'd be so happy to have a hairy girl in my home.

    Do the hairs usually start turning color from the bottom somewhere, or is it just random?

    To answer your question, I'm not sure what strain it is. I grew this from bagseed, planted from two different bags (different weed). I'm thinking this was the lower grade weed, but not sure. I say this partly becaues there is no real strong weed smell to it. But all in all I'm happy for my first graow.

    And a personal thanks to all the help from the guys here at GC. Especially you SmknVtec, because you seem to be the biggest contributor to my posts.

  11. HIGH All, I too would like to Thank Smkn for being here..Thanks!!

    Babies looking good freddy and I would have said what Smkn said to do....looks like some Killer smoke you'll have...enjoy.

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