Nute burn before nutes are added? Pics

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  1. I currently have brown/burnt leaf tips and the 3 plants are in their 5th week of veg. I have yet to add any nutrients to these plants (I'm waiting until they start 12/12 to add any).

    From what I've read, the plants seem to fit the description of nute burn but how is that possible if I haven't added any yet. They were potted in Pro-Max soil mixed w/ earthworm castings at a 2 to 1 soil to worm ratio.

    Pics attached. IMGP3041.jpg

  2. read the packaging for your soil some soil have time relece nutes added!!
  3. seems like alot of worm castings to me, and your soil might have nutes in it as well. how close are your lights? could be an issue too
  4. WAY too much castings.

    N overload burn.

  5. What ratio should I have mixed the castings...3 to 1? Should I flush now?
  6. I really have to ask u why youre not feeding any nutes. U are depriving the plant of what it needs.

    Your soil mix prolly is no good either. Flushing wont help for this type overload.

    I suggest u get some proper medium and proper nutes and establish a proper feeding schedule.

    Your plant is going to go into flower with nothing stored in its leaves and have a really hard time makin some budz for u.

    Karma man. Treat that plant well.

  7. Actually Freak, the plants have been at another location for the past 3 weeks until I got my setup fully up and running. Tonight is the first night they are back with me. I have nutes ready to roll and will start them with the next watering which is Monday.

    Do you suggest that I replace the soil w/ new soil at this stage or is that too traumatic? Sorry for all the questions Freak but you give great feedback and this is my first grow so I'm a complete n00b.

  8. Sorry If I sounded harsh there...u scared me lol.

    Sounds like u gotta good grip on thingz bro.

    Ease the nutes onto them at first. Id start at 1/4 strength. Gradually work up to full dose and prolly more.

    They have never had them, so thats why it should be weak to start.

    Weed is like a virgin who gets it for the first time..
    Once they get a taste of nutes, theyll want it all the time, more and more - and theyll let u know it lol.

    Ive thought about it and think maybe itll be cool to keep the same soil. It does have lotsa stored N in it, the plants are gonna use it eventually. You prolly wont have to add much N for the rest of the grow. Just keep your eyes open, cuz the plant might have a hard time with all the current N and the extra from the nutes.

    It would be optimal if u could find a nute with ratios something like 10 (low) -30-15.

    And I DO think u should give the soil a good flush before transplanting them.

    Thanx for the kind words man and feel free to getta hold of me anytime.


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