Nute burn at low (but rising) ppm?!?

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    Hello fellow garderers! Getting signs of nute burn on my girls. Ppm has been lowered and lowered and lowered, but still increases daily!

    On flower side im down to 400ppm. Still increses by about 20-30ppm daily. Plants look great, just if you look closely you can see a yellow tip.

    On veg side, much more apparent signs of burn. Yellow curling up tips, blotches, etc. ppm has been adjust down to 230, but still increases daily.

    Im on tap water so most of the ppm is that in itself.

    It is my understanding that I should be much higher in the ppm range for all sides. For example, mixing my gh flora exactly as instructed usually results in about 750ppm on early flower, and 450 on veg. Levels I feel should be perfect, or even a little low compared to others im hearing flowing at 1000-1200ppm. At the recommended levels my plants should eat the nutes... right? But for some reason I dont see that mine are.

    Ive been adding h20 only to dilute down the ppm. But with every dilutition comes more increases the following day.

    I will note that ph wants to drop! It fights my phUp sometimes. Ive noticed a couple times I would dose it up and the next day it would be right back down. It really wants to get into the low 5s sometimes in one of my flowering tanks. But i keep it in line and target 5.8 everyday, even if it takes 3 squirts of phUp instead of 1.

    Veg side lighting 4x t5ho 10” above
    Flower side 2x400w hps 18” above
    Both Dwc fed with tap set in sun 24h
    Ph kept between 5.5-6.1. Target is 5.8
    Air temp constant 70°-74° (when i turn off the AC to “work” in the room, i may let it get to low 80s before I turn the AC back on)
    Water temp 68°-74°
    Rh ranges from 32%-45% with light cycles
    Fans, fresh air, and 100% ventilation every 10 minutes.

    So many things ive got right, what the heck am I missing?

    Thanks peeps!

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  2. Humidity is a bit low for a young plant

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