Nurse Nurse!!! My Plant Fell Over!!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Uneik Koncpts, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Well I had posted this same thread in absolute beginners, but it seems it should have been posted here...

    I've grown a few times previous to this, with a similiar problem, but this time something was different. One of my plants fell over in its first few days of growing, but I was away this past weekend, so I didn't notice it until I came home. I staked her up like I normally would but noticed that the stem in the middle was about as skinny as a piece of dental floss. Its been about a week now since I've proped her up, and the same spot is still very skinny, the leaves of the small plant are still green and nothing else seems to be wrong, am I Ok? or is there something else that I can do to nurse this plant back to 100% health? Any info would be appreciated
  2. sounds like the stem has the classic "damping off disease".....a fungus already present in the soil , there are many forms of "damping off disease" but what you describe is the most common to a pot grower.they can be treated, and the recovery isnt fast.

    mist seedlings once or twice per day with a tea steeped from several pieces of the spice called cloves this makes an antifungal agent safe for seedlings, Neem Oil sprayed on the affected will also work I believe

    this another reason pot growers must PH correct thier water, damping off disease thrives in a alkaline atmosphere, most municipal water facilities are alkaline, PH correcting your water even at the seedling stage is important.

    lastly you need more air movment in your grow area, damping off disease is always present as are most fungi , if you provide the correct moist conditions it will take hold.

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