Nurse logs, cannabis version?

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  1. So I'm just getting back from a trip out west, and one of the reasons the redwoods get so large out there is because they feed of off what's called nurse logs. The healthiest, greenest, biggest trees out there are all feeding onto a nurse log.

    So as I'm sitting here, stoned and reading advanced growing techniques, I ponder if there's a way to create nurse logs, but for cannabis.

    Now I know of the growing techniques of using a Hugelkultur, but I've never personally read any successful stories on cannabis farmers using this technique for medicinal plants.

    I would love to start a discussion on this, and even get as far as starting an experiment on if this would work with cannabis plants. But there's many questions, and I'm not sure where to start, and I'm very open to ideas, philosophies, and educated guesses.

    Perhaps, would I save the trunks of my cannabis plants from this year, maybe bury them in fresh, composted soil now, start the decay process, and plant in that mound next year? Or maybe other trees or other forms of foliage would provide better nutrients?

    The biggest obstacle of this experiment is clear, a nurse log takes years to break down and fully decompose, providing hundreds of years of nutrients to tree that is nursing it. And with that being said, cannabis is an annual, dying off every year, and maybe not getting the full nutes within the first year of the nurse logs life? Which said nurse log can be re used year after year, with it being like a fine cheese and getting better every year?

    Looking forward to hearing some opinions. Let me know if I'm smoking too much, and this is a dead end idea haha

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  2. I think that trees growing over old trees look cool, though I disagree that the biggest trees are growing on top of other trees (other than the fact that trees may have been dying and decomposing for thousands of years below these large trees).

    I don't think trying to recreate that will do you any good, for some of the reasons that you mentioned. In essence, I think you're looking to do what "no-till" soil folks are trying to do...grow in soil that includes and promotes decomposing matter. Check em out, try it out. I enjoy growing that way. Once you get a good soil mix going I just water.

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  3. I'm actually currently growing in what would be called a living soil currently, and I believe it's the only way to grow, from veggies to cannabis. Not only do the plants love it....but after you build your soil it's just easy. So I guess I'm trying to improve upon something that's already built, which like you said would be living soil.

    It's still an idea I'd like to explore tho. If nobody has experience with it I'll prob try it regardless. I'm stubborn like that lol.

    But, I've got some plants right now, and I'm not thinking of sticking the entire stall in there (lmao!) but maybe start composting my plants that can be available as food for next year

    This was a much better idea when I was high as a kite. Starting to sober up, I better smoke another joint of that SFVOG lol[​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. If im understanding what your talking about, a fallen decaying tree that other trees get the nutrients from over a long period of time? Sometimes a huge tree is purposely buried to help the composting process If so thats just composting. Trees have a very long time to take up that slowly composting trees nutrients. Cannabis only has a season to do it. You are better off just composting your garbage, since a tree branch takes a really long time.

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  5. Yes, in the Pacific Northwest, the only way for a tree seedlings to survive is for its seed to land on another already dead, fallen tree. This is because the forest floor is too heavily covered in ferns, and completely blocks the light out. So the seed germinates on the moss on top of the dead tree, and it's roots penetrate the dead tree, as well as eventually roots make its way down the tree and into the soil. Not only does this dead tree provide nutrients, as it's pure humus, but it also acts like a sponge, and holds water like a champ, which provides the new tree with the water it needs to survive the yearly spring drought in the PW.

    So essentially, yes, this is natures form of composting, which indeed takes hundreds of years like I originally stated. But I still wonder, that if you obtain a tree that's, let's say halfway thru it's composting period, if a cannabis plant could penetrate these composting logs and benefit as well. I know cannabis is an annual, also as stated, but if the dead tree is already in the midst of composting, I feel as you can have some great benefits, including FRESH humus all thru the cannabis plants life, while also providing that perfect sponge effect where it's just wet enough that roots can grow and thrive inside of this rotten log.

    And on top of all this, there's a ton of beneficial insects, fungi, microbes and whatnot that also come along with this decomposing log

    The more I think about this, the better of an idea this becomes

    And also, innovation, and new ideas, are also at the roots of success. It may not be the climax of success, but success always starts with a fresh idea that is acted upon. I've put in a lot of hard work over the years with growing cannabis, I've tried every growing method there is, other then aeroponics, and I've finally found where my heart belongs, as well as the center of life in general, and that's with microbes

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  6. Ya i mean you could always go to the forest. I've got redwoods not too far from me, and say grab a truck load of rotted log to add to a compost. Any and all is great to add

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  7. I like your idea bro. it can actually probably works I never even thought about it but all the pots out that I have my super soil in every one of them has got sticks and branches and decaying wood in them I put that in there on purpose to retain water never thought it would have a nutritional purpose but you know in all the bag that I've ever bought I've always found some kind of wood and sticks in it. Ocean Forest Happy Frog yeah they've all got wood chunks in them

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