Numerology, DNA, Quantum Living.

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  1. Interesting video covering a few subjects. Numerology, energy, indigos, changing weather, dna and quantum living.

    [ame=]YouTube - Galactic Federation Of Light Kryon January 16 / May 10 2011[/ame]
  2. :laughing:

    In another thread you're bitching about how the government is just feeding us bullshit lies, and yet the capitalists who are writing this psuedoscientific bullshit you're all far. I love irony. :hello:
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  3. Hey bud. Yeah it is quite a good message. I had a sort of "graduation" feeling while listening to it. The rainbow room analogy was heart warming. Everything is red and now there is purple :) Reminded me of those "woah I am an indigo" days. It's been some journey, but one that I am very glad to have experienced.

    I'm only just starting the realise the enormous potential of our DNA and how we can communicate and control it. I think all that "junk" dna I had kicking about must have started re-stranding itself.

    Hope you enjoy it. Now to deal with all the negative vibrations this usually brings with it...

    Hey man, thanks for stopping by and entertaining me with your answer. I don't bitch or whine so I am not sure to what thread you are referring to. Yes, the government feeds us many lies. However this is not a thread about government lies, it's a thread about numerology, dna and quantum living. Just like what it says in the thread title.

    I don't know what soul lessons you are here on Gaia to learn, but this subject must obviously stir up quite some emotions within you. I wish you well on your journey but ask that you stay clear of logical fallacies, ridicule and swearing in any further replies.
  4. It's pretty easy to avoid logic when you don't put forth any of your own thoughts isn't it? Partisan coward.
  5. Excuse my blatant unawareness, but what exactly is the Galactic Federation Of Light?
  6. wow you must be living under a rock! they are just the biggest alien federation in the universe and convey their great prophecies over youtube and books that are a bit overpriced even though it's just paperback, but that's okay.
  7. This was very interesting ....listening to it made me relax in a way i was not able to before. Started to meditate half way through it and was feeling the vibes settle down. Overall great video thanks for posting my friend.:smoke:

  8. So from what I understand after reading Galactic Federation of Light “First Contact” – Preliminary Draft : Welcome the Light is that they're supposed to make themselves known soon and bring good souls to a new earth where it's paradise. I'm not convinced that it is anything more than some pseudo sci-fi fiction. I would like to learn more but I'm having trouble finding sites with legitimate information, which is a factor as to why I don't believe what I've read is true.
  9. Are you DOUBTING the Galactic Federation of Light?
  10. I won't doubt something I don't fully understand. I'm open to learning more about it.
  11. believe none of what you hear....and maybe half of what you see.....
    regardless of the subject-;):smoke:

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