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    Used to freak out over shit i couldn't control
    mainly the weekend in pass
    then you replied
    said you was busy and with the fam/

    got that clear asked you to read that note i wrote
    back of the head thought i looked like an ass
    then you replied
    said if i was a chick youd jump over the moon for me/

    told me that you care
    just circumstance
    biology got in the way
    wanted to clasp you and break the dam/

    would've been at fault though
    probably shouldn't ask you too read this one
    knowing self...

    told i had balls for that act yesterday
    not sure though
    got nervous when you took a lil min to get back to me
    then you showed me that post/

    then realized the pain you go through
    and i've seemed to make it worse
    only failing to really realize
    yet you say its cool/

    you're not normal i know this
    but any one else would have said something about it by now
    yet we chat about it


    and when we do discuss
    we listen to eachother
    ask questions


    pictured us back to back with the m4 and saw
    that smirk you gave when asked if ready
    jumped into the zone and came out on top
    that smile/


    walked into the house and took a seat
    checked under the bed
    asked why the cabnit was in the way
    youd forgotten/


    keepin real the whole journey
    we never faked or lied to one
    we kept it tight nit, though i talked
    but never mentioned names or anything away
    thinkin back, kinda shitbag/


    you got a variety of techs that are performed
    people used for it and never cared
    still went with it hopin they pay
    they never did, and you never said no/


    would throw gas and cigs
    i'd get you back
    we both did
    always like that/


    asked if i could stay over
    same room, seperate parts
    kept respect/


    moving and havin a drink
    started to chat
    got on heavy
    revealed no one else knows/


    talked about gettin somewhere
    would offer suggestions
    and i
    uping eachother/


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