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Numbness and tingling after smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crushd, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. First of all, I'm not really sure if this is the right forum to post this in.
    Second of all, I'm not saying that weed caused this, but I'm interested if anyone has experience ANYTHING similar to this


    I'm 20 and I've been smoking for a few years, but really only several times a year. So I expect that I'm still not used to it yet.

    About a year ago, I experience something funny. I was very drunk and I had just smoked, and I started feeling numbness and tingling in my hands/legs. Then, for some reason, I couldn't stop moving them. That sounds really weird so I won't go into detail. This persisted until at some point I fell asleep.

    Three months later I smoked a joint with my boyfriend in a parking lot. We shopped around in the store and all was fine until I had a panic attack. I decided we needed to leave the store, but when we left, the radio turned on, and the numbness/tingling/moving started again! I would force myself to stop moving them but as soon as my attention was directed elsewhere, it would start again. So at this point I decided I was fucking crazy. After about two hours the movement stopped but the numbness/tingling went on. Lasted until I woke up the next morning.

    Three times smoking since that, numbness/tingling recurred. It happens mostly in the arms and legs, but when it's the worst, it is all over my body. I can't stand feeling certain textures, and I can't stand being touched when it happens. Something like taking off a sweatshirt HURTS. It's like my skin is really numb, but there are waves of tingling. And being touched hurts.

    One night, before an exam, all of these symptoms happened again. And I had not smoked at all. So I was really weirded out... the movements only lasted one day, but the numbness and the tingling lasted for 6 days. I thought I was dying so I went to the ER, the doctor dismissed it as anxiety.
    This happened four more times (without the movements), three times it only lasted a week, but the last time it lasted for about two months.
    Now I feel like I have very slight permanent numbness.
    I've been seeing a neurologist and I've had an MRI (to rule out ms). Every doctor I talk has no idea what I'm talking about.

    anyway, I smoked again last night, after six months not smoking, and I was completely fine.

    Well there's my weird story. Just looking for anyone's thoughts. :eek:
  2. That shit happens to less frequent/new smokers. I know plenty of people who get baked and can't control their arms/legs. It's only happened to me a couple times. I usually feel like I'm melting into my couch. I'm an indica kind of guy.
  3. im sorry to inform you, but you most likely have tingly cancer....
  4. I think I've gotten high to the point where i felt my legs numb, if i rmbr correctly I couldn't feel my face with my hands. But that was at least 3 years ago. I never get that high anymore. But it has never lasted for days.. That's some bomb ass weed!

  5. mmhmm
  6. Aids. You have it.
  7. Sounds like you have anxiety issues. I say this because I have anxiety. Although reading what you said reminds me of those fibromyalgia commercials.
  8. You're just really high.

    It's most likely anxiety. Anxiety is common with Cannabis.

    If you're twitching uncontrollably, it's normal until you build a tolerance. I've heard it's just your muscles relaxing or some shit.

    I'm not sure about it happening while sober though.
  9. Thank you to everyone who leaves a serious answer. the rest of you are the reasons I don't use forums.

    Also, yeah I think I do have anxiety issues and I think this was just one prolonged nervous breakdown or something idk
  10. cannabis is for curing pain. it numbs stuff.
    longest i was ever high was 14 hours. anything over 15 and your imagining it. (its called a ghost high)
    i ge them, but its all in your head. also indica will have you numb for about 3-4 days after smoking it, i freaking love it.
    all these problems like this could be avoided if everyone just knew it is all in your head and nothing physically is really happening to you.
    seriously i can completely block a high even when im stoned, cause i know its all in my head. its weird what you can do when you put your mind to it. like its hard but i can block a high even stoned, that right there tells you, its in your head.
    dont stress out about it and you wont have bad highs.
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    I'm 22 years of age, trynna seek some information that can help me.

    The exact same thing is happening to me as I'm typing this, trying to look up.. You know.. What could possibly be wrong with me. It's been at least 4 days since it's been happening to me.

    I'd like to know how long is this gonna last for? Or at least, How long did your experience last for? What did you do to stop it, if it did. Like, should I consult a doctor or? Please. I'd like to know more about your experience because the way you described it.. Is the exact same thing I'm going through. Every detail. Couldn't have said it better myself. I'd like to speak more on it. Just a few minutes.

    I'd appreciate if you got back to me. Here's my email address :


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