Number of under-65 nursing home residents rises 22 percent in the past eight years

Discussion in 'Politics' started by maxrule, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. :eek:

    How is this for depressing?

    What do you think about this?

  2. So mental hospitals are being replaced with nursing homes?

    I guess it's not that depressing if a contributing factor is that these people would otherwise be dead.
  3. What's depressing, is that many of these people would be out there working and providing much better for themselves, and they'd be thrilled to do so, if only there were jobs available, and living wages being paid.

    Of course some can't, that's why they are there. But more and more of the people who are in these homes today, are still fit, able, sound of mind, and well enough to perform anything from simple to complex tasks, and work a variety of jobs. Or they would have been, if this was 10 or 15 years ago.
    When there are so few jobs available, suddenly the skill level of those who can work and provide for themselves, and those who can't, changes and narrows.. people who used to be seen as 'fit' for work, are now finding a new, higher cut-off.

    When you have no options, and nothing to fall back on, a nursing home or shelter can often be the only alternative.

    And the less work there is for the younger people, the smaller the nest they can build in 'X' amount of time before they age, the less they have in case of an emergency, and they have even less saved for the future. The way things are going right now, the age of the folks going into nursing homes and other similar facilities, will only continue to drop lower.

    Unfortunately, just packing in and giving up when hit with hard times, sounds pretty good to many Americans right now, young and old.

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