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  1. What do you all consider sleazy these days? How many people does a guy or girl have to sleep with to be considered sleazy/whorish?

    Im 18 and my current gf is 17 and im her 4th partner, that number seems kinda high to me.
    Ive been with 3 girls myself.

    Thanks for taking time to read this haha.
  2. Your walking on thin ice. If you have a girlfriend and you really like her and want to keep ehr... you shouldn't of even inquired about how many partners she's had. Now that you DID ask - you should probably just leave it alone.

    Asking about a woman's sexual history is like asking if she's put on a few pounds - it will not end well.....
  3. im 19 and ive been with like 13 girls
  4. Well it was her dad asked me right when we were all smokin a bowl at her house, he asked both of us.

    Anyone wanna chime in with their thoughts to my direct question?

    Thanks for the reply fellow PHX Blade.:smoke:

  5. Haha nice thats pretty sleezy my friend!

    But how many guys does a girl have to sleep with to be sleezy in your eyes?
  6. hmm, its hard to say man, i would hate to be hypocritical you know?
  7. Well, IMO - you don't look at the number. You have to look at the circumstances. Was she actually interested in these guys or was it just a random fuck? If she'll fuck some guy just becuase he's cute and offers her a random compliment - you have a problem. If she only fucked those guys because she genuinely liked them and something happend thats why their not together now - I don't think it's a big deal.

    The problem you now face is that if you try to play detective and figure out WHY she slept with those other guys - you will not be succesful. At the very least she'll be pissed at you for questioning her promiscuity.

    Think about it this way: You are both really young - if she ONLY has sex with you from now on.....that will put her way way WAY below the average of total sexual partners.
  8. I am 18 and i have been with 9 girls. My lady friend is 15 as has been with 15 guys. Kind of gets to me sometimes.

  9. Isn't the legal consent for sex 16? Lol
  10. Not enough.
  11. I'm 18 with 16 prior partners. and yeas 15 and 15 is fucked up lol
  12. Thanks for the replys everyone....
    I feel angry cause half the dudes shes been with were just using her, im more mad at her for being that easy.

    And I cant help but feel like shes a skeeze now. Im trying to forgive though...
  13. [quote name=',DRoidR"KB602']Thanks for the replys everyone....
    I feel angry cause half the dudes shes been with were just using her, im more mad at her for being that easy.

    And I cant help but feel like shes a skeeze now. Im trying to forgive though...[/quote]

    You should deffiantly be understanding. Sex isn't a bad thing, and when a lady's horny she's HORNNY. It's ricidulous how a girl is easy if she's been with not even five partners, and you were with the same number as she was so it's hypocritical of you to call her easy or think of her as a skeeze. Although sex is very special, it doesn't mean that some of those drunk nights hurtin for a squirtin isn't worth it to us.

    Don't be a bitch, just get over it.
  14. Me... I never consider someone sleazy if they have had a decent amount of sexual partners - especially if they play it safe.

    I've probably slept with close to 50 people in the last 13 1/2 years since I lost my virginity. Never slept with anyone while I was dating someone, so that actually knocks about 4 years off.. but still

    I'm disease-free... healthy.... and experienced. If anyone ever had a problem with the number of people I've slept with, they can go pound sand.

    Nobody should even care about "the number".


    its different in every state.
  15. 16 in Indiana
  16. Hi, being 60 I must have had at least 400 girlfriends, have had sex with about 100 but not at the same timeLOL. In the swinging sixties it was so easy then as you get older fewer partners, then hit middle forties and it starts over again.
  17. Dude your vagina is showing, Why do you care how many people she's been with? (4 is not many just FYI) If she's cool and clean she's good to go. Here's some advise, if you like a girl don't delve into that realm of her life. The past is over homeboy, you need to appreciate the fact that she's with you now. You're a vaghole. God i hate you.

  18. If a key opens lots of locks, then it's a master key. But if a lock is opened by lots of keys, then it's a shitty lock.

    That is the reason for the double-standard. :)

    I'm jk, OP needs to cut her a break, that's not a huge number.
  19. I've had 6, and my boyfriend has had 6... so we're each others 6th hahahaha

    But I've dated all but one of these guys. And for a long period of time... so :)

    I'm 19 btw, and my boyfriend is 20
  20. 18, only 1 girl. Lol, I know Its wack but I'm not looking for a relationship, so I don't have partners. The girl i did sleep with though, we use to do it 3-4 times a was hard work!

    When she broke up with me she talked shit about me, but everytime she drinks she hits on me, so what does that tell you? Either she liked my moves, lmao, or she is sleezy. Probably the latter, haha.
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