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  1. i'm running a hydro set up..i put my seedlings in as soon as they popped and started running then with a 1/4 strength solution of ionic..and they seem to be doing ok but i'm noticing a little yellowing on the tips of the leaves...i have a 400 watt mh light and the room stays a nice 75 degrees all the time..the light is about 18 in. away so i don't think it's burn..iv'e got some superthrive on the way help out a little seeing how the plants are only about 3 inches tall and getting theyre 4th set of leaves...not full fan leaves but they should be next...and last but not least how soon can i start bumping up the neitrients....could the yellowing be from lack of nitrogen...i'm new to more growing in chicken shit for this guy...thanks
  2. thanks for the info...i'm new to this hydo growing but am enjoying it...i'll flush them today ...and give them a little super thrive for a while..till they are a little bigger..
  3. what's ionic? i'm from US.
    i don't think you need superthrive, it'll prolly
    cause hermies, if this ionic thing is a fert, i would bet your prob is overfert, you shouldn't have ferted them for first 10 to 14 days, then 1/4
    fert. get a general water soluble fert 10-10-10,
    make a new solution at 1/4 strength,they will slowly out grow the burn.

    now bear in mind what 1'4 strength means.
    in hydro the 33 percent dilution solution rule is used.
    that means if the water soluble fert you use, says
    one teaspoon per gallon, you would use one teaspoon per three gallons, hence the 33% solution. so 1/4 strength would be 1/4 teaspoon per three gallons of water.
  4. Dude, do what critter said. I don't feed any nutes to seedlings or cuttings, just ph balance water and a 1/4 tsp(per gallon) of superthrive. I don't know what the dude above is talking about hermies, the stuff promotes root growth. Your babies will be fine though, everyone always gets a little yellowing when they're working with a new system.
  5. superthrive is a hormone,that's why it stimulates root growth, if you overuse it,
    which is very ez to do, it can and usually does result in hermies, either you have not used it long or you have been very strict in its use.
    i don't think its needed or worth the risk, esp
    for a plant growen in a bubbler, there will be much root developement.

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