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  1. Alright i finally got the seeds i have them germin as week speak the shell has sorta opened but not fully out yet maybe 2moro ill post some pics of my grow room when i get the usb for my camera!!

    Just on the nuitrients i found that scorpion juice from advanced nuitrients is that all i need from start to finish?? because on the site they also have voodo juice, big bud, iguana juice and organic-b so will i need them also??

    and one last thing when these seeds are put in soil, when will i actually turn my HPS on?? staright after i plant them or wait a week???

    Thanks for your help
  2. You don't need to put light on them until they sprout.
  3. grand so when they get to about 3-4inces tall?? put the light on??

    Also can you tell me anything about the nuitrients i posted??
  4. As far as i can see i will need "scorpion juice" in the beginning, then for flowering i will use "iguana juice-bloom", and then for budding "Big Bud" all from advanced nuitrients!!!

    Does this sound about right????

    Please help!
  5. Come on someone post back please,,,,, am in need here of some of the experts opinions.
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    as soon as they break the soil they go under light

    although not sure about straight under hps... you could start under a few cfls
  7. Cheers for the reply mate, the only other thing ive left to decide is nutes and am fairly confused about what exactly i need.

    Could yoiu have a look at this website

    And see if you could out as basic and as cheap a set that will work with white russians in soil?

    Thanks again
  8. I'm a soil guy, so not familiar with hydro nutes. Also looks like the have a lot of different thing than I've seen in the states.

    For soil I use Fox Farms products, but dont know if they are available in the UK.
  9. All of the products you have listed are bloom enhancers and crop protectors. You don't have any actual nutrients listed. If you are wanting to use Advanced Nutrients products you can either go with their standard 3-part(grow, micro and bloom) or use their sensi grow 2-part and sensi bloom 2-part.

    If the only light you have is HID(hps or mh) then you will put them under that as soon as the seedling emerges, but keep them far from the light (depends on wattage) because young plants are fragile.

    I just noticed that you said you were using soil....these products are for hydroponic gardens. Just go to your local home and garden store and buy a standard powdered all purpose fertilizer. Depending on your soil, you may not need to fertilize in the beginning. If you are using a pro-mix soil(void of nutritional value) then you will. Good luck.
  10. You want this first grow to be as simple as possible. Follow the link in my sig on how to grow like a pro. Use those ferts in your soil grow.

    Mix according to the hydro strength and then dilute it to 1/3rd strength.
    Water your plants with that, every time you water.
    Make sure you mix your nutes fresh for each watering, unless you keep them in a bucket with an airstone bubbling to keep them fresh.

    Your plants will love you.

    Later on you can go for maximum performance with the 4 or 6 different things to mix during a grow. For now, you'll get great results staying with simple. :)

    Keep at it and you'll succeed.

    (Sorry I didn't see your post earlier, been busy.)
  11. Actually Iguana Juice is a base nutrient.

    But you're right, he needs a more organized nutrient plan. You don't "need scorpion juice in the beginning". It works equally well at any point in the grow. You want at least some basic vegetative nutrients to start unless you're going to switch to flowering almost immediately. If you want to grow big plants you can get fancier during vegetation, but otherwise you just want to make sure they've got enough meat and potatoes nutrition to get to flowering.

    Flowering and "budding" are the same thing. You use your base nutrients designed for flowering (iguana juice bloom or whatever) along with the Big Bud for that. You can also add in some other boosters if you really want to get some big buds but that's up to you. My advice is to keep it simple the first grow.
  12. You'll kill your sprouts if you give them nutes.

    Only nutes when your plants have ~3 weeks of growth.
  13. Hows it going chrisdunne?

    You get them off to a good start? Your nutes working for ya?

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