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  1. to anyone who likes the dead, oysterhead, phish, widespread panic or any other kind of jam bands there is an awesome site that allows mp3s of live sets to be distributed. check it out @, and follow the "find music" link.

    i'm not trying to advertise this, just trying to share this with some good folks :) the oysterhead set is awesome to listen to, particularly when stoned, and there are some GOOD phish tunes on there.
    it seems to be run by good ppl, and well it's worth a listen!

    p.s. give credit to Phishhead, he's the mp3 addict that found us this site :D
  2. Thanks phishhead for da link to da Dead!! :hippie: :smoking: :hippie:
  3. :) thanks phishhead :)
  4. yay! thanks!
  5. I was listening to something totally wack the other night, and it turned out to be audio from one of the original Acid Tests thrown by the Pranksters...
    Where did Phishhead find this??

    This is another Dead site of mp3's and he says this site is very extensive in its library, so here ya go more dead for ya'all :)
  6. its a good site, but it says to click on the individual song to d/l it, but they arent links, its just text. anyone else having problems d/l the songs?
  7. Label425 I noticed that sometimes has issues keeping the mp3s up on a consistent basis, I forgot to mention that. For instance, there's this Widespread Panic set from a concert we were @ at the Greek in Berkeley, it was "unavailable" for a few days, then came back.

    I think they may have issues with space, but try again in a few days it might be back!
    good luck~~
  8. If you have problem on clicking a link and nothing coming up it's because they don't that show up currently. They rotate their mp3s on "demand" so if a lot of people are wanting a certain show or the downloads are high you'll see that show up. Just keep checking back I'm sure it will be up there sometime. Another good site I like is mainly Grateful Dead but they have some of Jerry's solo music w/ Dave Grisman which I highly (no pun intended) recommended. Also some Phish, Panic, etc.. Check it out there's a lot of music to keep you busy for a while.

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