Nug stuck in bong help

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  1. So cleaned bong with alcohol and salt.. And that nug is what is left IDK how to take it out.. The way the bong is designed..idk how to take it out..

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  2. Lmao how did you even get a nug stuck in there?
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  3. I dont know.. :(
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  4. That's a cool bong. You can try using those bong cleaner pipe things, break it up and then use some more alcohol to wash it out. Or try sucking really hard with no water of course. :smoking-bong::rolleyes:;):ninja:
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  5. Put a vacuum hose to the downstem, it has to go in the mouth and out the downstem. Imvest in an ash catcher bruh.

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    lagging bad triple post
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  9. lol remove all the water get a torch and lit it up or if you think its too late to smoke drain the water and pour in a can of coke down the stem than take a paper clip make a hook on one end fish it out.

    looks to me you was stoned and loaded a bowl without having a bowl in there .....
  10. have you tried blowing the bong really hard??? i had a little piece of nug stuck in a percolator arm and i blew it out. i went outside and pointed it away of course. having water inside helps it push more i think
  11. Is this a troll post? #triggered
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