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nug pillow

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by audurbz, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. pillow with nugs in it, smoke and cuddle it at night and wake up and bake in the morning
  2. haha thats awesome
  3. Till a stem stabs you in the ear or some shit.
  4. My nose wouldnt be able to sleep from extreme intense nasal arousal
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  5. Im going to do this before I die. Bucket list. best idea ever!!!

    ok so im a little baked but I really would love to have that pillow hahaha
  6. haha thank you :)
  7. but but... all the kief you will lose?!
    was it a harold and kumar movie where he had a dream his gf was a bag of weed or something?
  8. lmao well why would you put your bud into a pillow without it being in a bag.

  9. weed is like nose porn
  10. In October I am going to do this but make a pillow out of nug Haha I could smoke ob that for a wilesl
  11. sounds like it would solve my neck pain when i wake up

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