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nug of gran daddy purple with jack herer as a background

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kayakush, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. heres a pic of a my mason jar with a nug of gran daddy purple with jack herer around it....just wanted to share...

  2. kwkwiehnrmsdxnxbxbmzkaoqiwurejfkfpolgpojdnsbzbahyqiqowpdljfddmdhdgusis.

    Sorry, just wiping the cum off of my keyboard. :devious:

    Nice buds, man. :D

  3. Tryna match :smoke:
  4. that jack H is always so good. never disappointing, GDP is looking good too :smoke:
  5. thanks peeps, gotta go clean your keyboard.....i had more of the gdp but it was gone by this afternoon....the jack is killer
  6. thanks gotta clean your keyboard i guess

    match what???

    thanks mate
  7. Looks great but I think I'm a little more interested in that Jack! I see lots of purps and different indicas around here, but don't often see dank sativas. Maybe some sour d or durban poison once a year. So jealous. I love some sativa in the morning.
  8. "Match what??" Lmao

    That JH looks pretty damn well grown though bet it smacks you right in the face :smoke:
  9. om nom nom
  10. that jack looks hella good bro how much is in there?
  11. so fucking jealous i am "green" with envy (hyuk hyuk hyuk.)
  12. I just got some GDP and the high feels sooo pure. enjoy smoking your nugs they look super dank
  13. I really like the color and flavor of Jack...

    I dunno why, but two strain in the same container is bad, mmmkay?

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