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  1. Who likes nude pics? I mean like camera phone ones,
    not like internet porn. I FUCKING LOVE GETTING NUDES!
    Girls: Ever Done it? Do you like/dislike it?
    Guys: Like it or not?
  2. haha.. i LOVE gettin nudes!
  3. My ex used to send me nude pix texts while we were dating. I still have them saved to my computer.
  4. Oh absolutely! I LOVED sending them to my ex when we were together; AND getting some back. ;) I would surprise him with one randomly and he would love that shit. Ahhh I miss doing that.
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    URL Removed. *RMJL

    Anyone of you could be on there.
  6. i love getting them...once in awhile i send them....when i feel cute;)
  7. Okay, so when my boyfriend passes out before me, which is like all the time, I'll usually take really dirty pictures with his phone then put the best as his background... kinda like a "this is what you missed" type of thing.

    He always changes the background, but i like to make sure he knows they're on there for him to think about me when he's on one of his trips.:p

    That makes me sound like such a slut, but it's whatever. Haha.

    I'm down with it, but i also know that ANY of those pictures i took could get into the wrong hands and be put all over the internet. I trust him enough to not disrespect me like that so, I take the pictures knowing of the consequences.

  8. maybee he falls asleep cause he isnt attracted to you and it just makes him pissed when you do that...maybee he doesnt want to see you naked at all/
  9. thats fucked up bro... i would love it if my lady set my backround to my cell as her naked.. or even covering herself up..

    you sound like a dope ass girl girlyS, dont sweat the haters
  10. i saw a report on the news about how taking dirty pics with ur camera phone is all the rage, especially in hs. to be honest i think its dumb. id lose a lot of respect for anyone who sent me one of these and i for sure wouldnt take one myself. if you wanna take pics, use a real camera and keep it on the DL, as soon as that shit gets on a phone or online, u can assume everyone in the world has seen it.
  11. Im not hating...just a comment....Id like to look at her naked even if she is ugly...She looks ok from her pic...Id give it a whirl

  12. LOL

    And yeah i have a few old girlfriends on my computer still.

    Im sure she knows you're kidding, buddy.
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    Dude, seriously. Was your comment necessary? He asked a question. I answered, if he wasn't attracted to me he wouldn't be my boyfriend. Isn't that usually how things work? IF you don't find a girl attractive she's just a friend... you don't have sex with her OR sleep in her bed everynight.

    Oh, and Craiggers, my niece is in HS and she told me about a girl at her school who sent nude pictures of herself to this boy that she was into... well, this boy's GIRLFRIEND found the pictures and made a myspace with these pictures then added the entire school/faculty. The girl who took the pictures got in the most trouble.... the girl was 15!!!!!!

    When i was in high school it was like unheard of to do that kind of shit, now it's like cool to send naked pictures of yourself to everyone and their brother, i guess.
  14. He was only kidding, lovely.

    Chill out.

    If you cant take a bit of good natured ribbing now and again..
  15. alot of guys would have sex with women they arent attracted to....being in a relationship is different.

    Im sorry if I hurt your can send the nude pics this way and Im sure I wont complain :p
  16. well this is my opinion on them, if one of ur friends get them, all of your friends get them

    haha i remember my neighbor had pictures of her on the net sucking some dude off and spreading eagle, needles to say i am better friends with her now hahaha
  17. by the way guys......being rude to this girl in this post was the perfect thing to do .....she wanted to prove to me Id like the nudes by sending me a few....and She is the joke was on me....I just made an ass out of myself by playing around;)

  18. Whattttttt?

    Why did you remove the link?
  19. It's because you were an asshole. For some reason, women respond well to that. :confused_2:

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