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Nuclear Diffusion "Fat Girl"

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by gone4good, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Ryan is blowing everyone's mind with these oilers
    I actually like my design better but this dome is totally killer.
    I asked him to make some curves for you Ti lovers
    please enjoy:smoke:

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  2. That is crazy, i would love to hit that.

    *comes through monitor and grabs oil rig*
  3. I may be a flaming faggot but that fat girl is hot!
  4. #5 shitloaf, Feb 13, 2011
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    Damn. You are the fucking Oil Baron.

    no really, sick ass down neck rig. :smoke:
  5. lol down neck not jbob;)

  6. oooops. hahaha I'm ripped. :D
  7. how much are down necks pieces man thier sooo amazing
  8. well, it depends on what you get and how much work it would entail but for comparison I would guess this bubbler probably sold for somewhere in the 700-800 dollar range.

    Down Neck does literally flawless work with his off the wall style and his prices reflect this.

    he's one of my favorite artists...super nice dude.
  9. That's an awesome rig but I think my jaw hit my laptop when I read the price. Nice stuff but guess I'll never own any (most likely :D).
  10. Curious... what is "nuclear diffusion"? Never heard of that one

    Oh and one of the most unique pieces I've ever seen. Whoever made it can definitely wear the title of artist proudly.
  11. Wow, the quality and all of the detail is simply amazing.
    I guess that is what comes with the hefty price tag, nonetheless amazing work!
  12. down neck is noted for his quirky names to match his bubblers...he's just having fun with all the goofy diffuser names everyone makes up...its actually just a 2 hole diffuser.
    I can't wait to see what he comes up with for a matching dish and dabber.
  13. That's a gorgeous piece man, +rep. I'd love to hit that :D

  14. thats about what i figured
    i mean its a sculpted piece of art that functions amazingly well im sure
    and truly one of a kind
  15. i LOVE the nuclear plume he added really sets it off!!!
  16. Down Neck is one of the best artists out....Hes on my list....gotta finish my freek collection first.
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    nstead of starting yet another down neck thread i'll just add to this one...check out his newest creatures, the jelly heads. mini oilers
    as you can see theyre smaller than the other oilers he made.

    hes making me a micro oiler (a bit smaller)with a built in ti curve/diffy(minus the gong joints)...should be sick.

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  18. down neck is easily becoming my favorite artist
    his characters are off the charts awesome
  19. The style is so unique, I really like it. These pieces are inviting and friendly unlike a lot of other sculpted glass, which is often less friendly looking (teeth, horns, eyes, etc).

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