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nucan has returned from hell

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nucan, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. hey yall, for all of those who remember me, i got sent away like 5 monthes ago and i had no idea where i was goin. where i went was FAR worse than i could of ever imagined.. a theraputic boarding school... closest thing to a lockdown as it gets. it was a 2 and a half year program, barely ever going home. EVERYTING is against the rules.. even borrowing. its basically where parents send their kids when they are just so crazy and out of control its ridiculous. it was mainly composed of heroin addicts, cutters (kids who cut on themselves), kids who were beat when they were little, or raped, or have dead parents, or any of that shit. my room mate's mom died a year before he came, then 6 monthes after that, his dad ODed on crack. not to mention he was a huge cutter, was addicted to heroin and used to get beat when he was little. very fucked up place. i should not of been there. luckily i gots a mom who loves me and she pulled me out of there against my dads wishes, hes pretty pissed. so basically i cant smoke pot anymore, i get drug tested too often. and im not even goin to risk tryin to fake them or any of that. so i guess its the sober life for me. oh well, im just so glad to be home it doesnt even matter.
  2. You sound... under 18. What exactly did you do in the first place to get sent there?
  3. Hey there nucan..

    Good to see you have survived hell and made it out... Be cool and come around and post..
  4. yep, I remember you talkin about it. Also remember your avatar dancing :D

    Atleast your out now, and damn pity you cant smoke!!

  5. you know seriously, somtimes that just doesn't matter, ppl know they have to be 18, you don't have to say that to everyone you think is...

    dude that sucks, im happy to see your out, but that sucks you can't smoke! Good luck w/ ur life!
  6. man..... if i ever got put in a place like that...........

    i'd maintain my passyphist ways for as long as possable, i'd try to hold out till teh very last day, then.... BOOM! BLOW TEH FUCKING PLACE UP!!!!!! :mad: really pissed that such places exist, EVEN MORE PISSED @ the fucked up parents who would send their kids there. fuckers!
  7. Thank God you made it out alive! Welcome back!
  8. "you know seriously, somtimes that just doesn't matter, ppl know they have to be 18, you don't have to say that to everyone you think is..."

    yeaaah.. I know.. it's a habit. no harm done. just talkin.
    but hey what did you do that your dad sent you there??
  9. Hey Nucan!! Glad to hear ya made it through that shit! Hope to see ya around more. We've been thinkin' of ya!
  10. yea, really shitty place. i wanted to runaway SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad, but thank god i didnt. most the kids that do runaway, like both my roomates and a kid in my wilderness group, get sent to lockdown, which is as close to hell as it gets...well besides concentration camps. lol. its so hard to be sober, i went to a party last night and all these ppl were smokin outside and i could smell it from inside the house. i was like halfway out the door when i realized where i was goin. its a sad day, "just say no" has become my official motto. lol. well, maybe in a couple monthes when my curfew is back to normal i can start drinkin again...
  11. how often are you being tested and how good is the test? are they doing it or is it sent away someware? i have herd that if you super hydrtate and down cranberry juice and put a drop of visine or some bleach diluded with water in the piss that you can fake em' good luck
  12. I say we all help Nucan out! hurry everyone grab a plastic cup pee in it seal it and mail it to him so they wont detect the weed!....wait a second just hit me that most of us here do smoke weed...never mind sorry :(
  13. wasn't there another thread about one of these places? They really are horrible, some people need serious help but that's stubborn punishment for unreasonable parents. not a solution

  14. Mr_Criminal, I don't think we need any forum vigilantes. The moderators are doing just fine.

    Welcome back Nucan, sorry to hear that you got sent to one of those places. Soon enough you'll be toking again!
  15. Nucan I'm glad to see you back and hope that the lockdown doesn't do you any permananet harm. I guess now there are other places out there worse than Darlington. I've been up there to N. Georgia this summer working a little bit.

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